Side Sim - Before the part ... XO visits the Science Department

Posted Oct. 4, 2020, 8:18 p.m. by Ensign Byrnarterro Ch'riaqer (Chief Science Officer) (Ben Simons)

Posted by Commander Valentina Bellini (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Before the part … XO visits the Science Department
Curiosity had never been one of Len’s strong suits. She had been curious in a security sense, but not in an unknown exploratory sense. So stepping into the Science bay, she was less curious about what was being done and more curious who was there doing it. Glancing around for the Security Chief, she wondered what things they had learned from their last alien encounter that would help them keep such a thing from happening again.

Her hands absently tugged down her uniform top as she nodded to the couple folks who looked up and acknowledged her.

Commander Valentina Bellini
Executive Officer

Sitting in the CSO office, his nose in a PaDD, looking a little perplexed and concerned as he read through what he was reading. Not noticing the XO’s arrival, he commented out loud “So the Cheshire cat was a caitain? I mean, those earth furballs don’t smile… not that I’ve seen at least. Computer, bring up image of a Cheshire Cat,” he said out loud as the image “definitely not capable of smiling… so how does it grin?” he asked himself.

He put the PaDD down and it seemed to be open to an old Earthern Novel, Alice in Wonderland. It was as he looked up that he saw the commander and stood to attention.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, Science.

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