Side Sim - before the party... XO checks in on Security

Posted Oct. 15, 2020, 2:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Drake Burcham (Chief of Security) (Rusty Boshankles)

Posted by Commander Valentina Bellini (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - before the party… XO checks in on Security

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Drake Burcham (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - before the party… XO checks in on Security

Posted by Commander Valentina Bellini (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - before the party… XO checks in on Security

Security had been one of the first places on her list of rounds now that things had settled down and they were back to regular operating procedures. She had briefly seen the Security Chief during the debriefing after their kidnapping and rescue of the ship. But she hadn’t truly had a chance to meet him.

Stepping into security, she looked around. It was one of the places they had swept for intruders once she and the two security NEs had figured out what was happening. As they ship had been secured, she had found two intruders in here trying to hack their way into the armory and computers to get at the weapons and weapon control systems. Thankfully, they had been kept on lock down and the intruders had been stunned and rounded up before any long term damage could be done.

She nodded and smiled to the NE at the main counter as she walked in. “I’m looking for the Chief. Is he around?” Her dark hair was up in a regulation knot on the back of her head and her uniform was pressed and a bit more tidy than usual. She had woken up this morning with a desire to make a good impression on those she met. And as she looked at the NEs reaction to her, she wondered if a non uniform approach would have been less intimidating.

Commander Valentina Bellini
Executive Officer

Lt. Burcham’s door was open. He heard the XO talking the NE outside, he came to the door. “Thank you, NE Peters, and welcome Commander Bellini, my office is right over here, would you care for a drink or anything?” Lt. Burcham asked her, curious why she was visiting, and hoping he wasn’t already in trouble.
Lt. Burcham, CoS.

Valentina smiled. “Thank you, Lieutenant. A fruit juice would be lovely if not any trouble.” She moved in and looked around. “Nice to be able to see everyone in here. Last I was in here, it was all invisible aliens and pain and trouble. So glad to see things back to normal. You getting everyone settled back in all right?” She moved to a chair across the desk from his own chair and settled in, looking a bit more relaxed than most officers in such surroundings.


Lt. Burcham grabbed two cups from a table and opened a fridge under it, pulling out a bottle of fruit juice he made by replicating the fruits and hand squeezing the liquid from them himself. Somehow, he prefered it that way than the replicator’s fruit juice. He poured the liquid into both cups, put the bottle back in the fridge and placed one cup in front of the XO, and one cup in front of his chair and then sat down. “Yes, Ma’am. We are getting everything back to normal and adding extra protocols throughout the ship to make sure those things don’t come back, or that they are fully gone from the ship.” He responded.
Lt. Burcham, CoS

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