An interesting sort of run-in (all welcome)

Posted Oct. 20, 2020, 1:12 p.m. by Captain Aaron Michaels (Commanding Officer) (Katy Darrah)

Posted by Ensign Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer (Chief Science Officer) in An interesting sort of run-in (all welcome)

Posted by Captain Aaron Michaels (Commanding Officer) in An interesting sort of run-in (all welcome)
Aaron had long since gotten used to the quirks of the Connie, but this was definitely the weirdest. A holodeck program–with no author–that appears to be a nondescript starbase. That is, except for the crew.

Famous figures from history, from long-gone United States Presidents, to Hippocrates, to Saint Nicholas, crewed this mysterious starbase, and Aaron set out to figure out what this was all about. Strolling into the center of the holodeck, he called out “Computer, begin program.”

As the starbase came into view, he immediately noticed a man standing with his back to him. From his history lessons on Earth, Aaron reconized him as possibly the Roman Emperor Julius Cesear.

Aaron Michaels

OOC: I’ll be continuing this in a few days, so I give people a chance to respond.

Byr wanted to get a taste of home but noticed that a program was already running on the holodeck that he thought he had booked, only to see that the captain had beaten him to it. The fact that it was unauthored on the other hand screamed to his curious nature. Every holoprogram had the author listed, especially if it was one on the ship. As he entered, he saw Zefram Cochrane sharing a drink with Genghis Khan and couldn’t help but frown. He had remembered studying both during Earth History at the Academy, and would never have thought he would see such a sight. Then he saw the leaf crown of the Roman Emporor near the captain. “OK… I wasn’t expecting that,” Byr said with a curious tone, his antannae twitching betraying he seemed a little uneasy about the situation.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

“I wasn’t either.” Aaron said, as Julius turned around. “Ah, more oddly dressed visitors! Come, gentlemen, join all of us, I hear that the Japanese Emperor Edo is going to be hosting a card game, and you are perfectly on time!”

He gestured to a room to the right, where the sign next to the door said “Edo’s game room.”

“My dear Julius, don’t try to lead our guests astray, I’m sure they’d much rather prefer to attend my lecture on how I conquered almost all of Europe!” A voice said, belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte, who gestured to a door across from it labeled “lecture hall”

Aaron Michaels, CO

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