Side Sim - Before the part ... XO visits the Science Department

Posted Oct. 27, 2020, 8:37 p.m. by Ensign Byrnarterro Ch'riaqer (Chief Science Officer) (Ben Simons)

Posted by Commander Valentina Bellini (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Before the part … XO visits the Science Department

Posted by Ensign Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Before the part … XO visits the Science Department

Posted by Commander Valentina Bellini (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Before the part … XO visits the Science Department
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Curiosity had never been one of Len’s strong suits. She had been curious in a security sense, but not in an unknown exploratory sense. So stepping into the Science bay, she was less curious about what was being done and more curious who was there doing it. Glancing around for the Science Chief, she wondered what things they had learned from their last alien encounter that would help them keep such a thing from happening again.

Her hands absently tugged down her uniform top as she nodded to the couple folks who looked up and acknowledged her.

Commander Valentina Bellini
Executive Officer

Sitting in the CSO office, his nose in a PaDD, looking a little perplexed and concerned as he read through what he was reading. Not noticing the XO’s arrival, he commented out loud “So the Cheshire cat was a caitain? I mean, those earth furballs don’t smile… not that I’ve seen at least. Computer, bring up image of a Cheshire Cat,” he said out loud as the image “definitely not capable of smiling… so how does it grin?” he asked himself.

He put the PaDD down and it seemed to be open to an old Earthern Novel, Alice in Wonderland. It was as he looked up that he saw the commander and stood to attention.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, Science.

Valentina waved her hand and laughed. “Please, no need for all the pomp and circumstance. Please, sit back down. Do you mind if I do?” She laughed and took a seat across the desk from him and waited for him to sit down. “Alice in Wonderland? Never had the pleasure. Any good?” She shifted to make herself a bit more comfortable and nodded to the PaDD.


“Definitely better read than experienced, sir” Byr replied, gesturing to indicate a chair for the XO. “Would you like anything to drink, Commander?” he asked rather than instantly taking a seat as the XO requested. His own glass of ice water only a quarter finished.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

Valentina smiled. “Please, Bellini or Valentina unless we are on the bridge or in official capacity. Out here in the dark, we are a family. Don’t you think?” She smiled and cocked her head slightly, curious about each Department Head’s reaction to her informality. “I shall have to take a gander at it. Though I will take your word for it on the ‘experience’ part. I am not a fan of being part of the stories I read.”

At the offer of a drink, her hand rose to wave it off politely. “No, thank you. Please, relax and enjoy yours. I just came to officially introduce myself. I know I joined in a difficult situation and debriefings aren’t exactly the best place to make introductions. But I want you to know I am here, and I am reachable.” She glanced around the room trying to see if she could suss out a bit about the man with what she saw around her.


Byr’s antennae twitched betraying his confusion, though hiding it well on his face at the informality. It wasn’t something he thought about should it happen. “Valantina… then,” he said getting more comfortable as he said it out loud. “It’s always good to be prepared,” he said returning to his seat and sitting down. “Well, at the very least it’s nice to meet you. A small word of advice - if the word “glitter” comes up… be afraid. The captain does some strange things with the material. It sticks to my antennae which is rather… itchy…” he said slowly. “Apart from that, welcome aboard,” he said smiling as his antennae twitched from thinking about glitter.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro C’riaqer, CSO

Glitter… I will have to remember that.” She inclined her head with a bit of a laugh. “I joined the Academy thinking of all the myriad of things I would have to look out for in space. I have to admit, I never once ever considered crafting materials.” Watching him settle a bit more, being used to seeing folks a bit off put by her informality, she smiled once more. “So tell me, is there anything you all are working on right now that is of particular interest? I know I would like to see if we can find a way to work with engineering and security on a substance, or frequency or ‘something’ that can help negate the invisibility of intruders in a way that doesn’t necessarily harm anyone. Though knocking them out was surely a good deal of help at the time. I believe we got a set of uniforms, devices and blood samples from the last set of intruders. If that can help any, you are welcome to them. I think security has them, currently. Oh, and medical, obviously.”

Sleeping gas had worked on the intruders, but they had still had to go room by room and physically sweep for the dropped, unconscious bodies they couldn’t see. Something that left a residue to help find the bodies would have been perfect in the XO’s mind.


Byr’s antennae twitched as she mentioned the intruders aboard the ship during whatever it was they were going through at the time. “That would certainly be of interest, I’ll work with them. It might also help us to identify exactly who they were,” he replied. A species was one thing, but an identification might at least give them an idea of intention. “I had been passing the time researching old Earthern folklore. The book can wait,” he said with enthusiasm as he stood up. Before leaving “Unless there’s anything else, I can go and speak with the Sickbay and get the team looking into it,” he offered.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterrro Ch’riaqer, CSO

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