Side-Sim: Sickbay - Autopsy

Posted Nov. 6, 2020, 8:02 p.m. by Ensign Byrnarterro Ch'riaqer (Chief Science Officer) (Ben Simons)

Byrnarterro had just finished the chapter of Alice in Wonderland that he was reading when he was visited by the first officer having sent an Ensign to inform Sickbay that he would be along soon in regards to the ship’s recent visitors. A genetic model of what to look for so that such things don’t happen again was always a good basis to start.

Ten minutes after the Ensign said, the andorian entered the sickbay looking for the duty nurse. “Hi there, I’m looking for Doctor DeLion?” he asked at the desk.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

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