OOC: Upcoming Mission

Posted Nov. 7, 2020, 6:49 p.m. by Gamemaster Eric, the half a Trib (GamesMaster) (Russell Watt)

Good morning all,

I’m hoping to keep you all entertained in the near future as the new GM on the Constellation.

For the time being the Connie is on its way to Fleet HQ for repairs, restocking and new crew members, including a new Captain, and also the new mission.

Feel free to use Fleet HQ as a place for character development and continuing to keep yourself occupied and within posting limits as we look to rebuild the Connie and its crew. I’ll be happy to play shopkeepers, drunken barflies, injured crew members and more.

And remember … It’s … Time for Something Completely Different …

Eric, the half a Trib, GM

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