Sim Prologue - Bridge

Posted Nov. 15, 2020, 7:23 a.m. by Gamemaster Eric, the half a Trib (GamesMaster) (Russell Watt)

The officers on the bridge, all nameless folk who are filling in the various positions while the stars of the sim are off screen waiting to be called into action, are pushing buttons, giving reports to each other, taking readings form the various systems and more. The Constellation is flying along at cruising speed and the nameless folks are looking forward to the end of the ship when the named crew members are coming onto the bridge to take over from them and they can back to doing the stuff they do when not on the bridge in these parts of sims.

The nameless Junior Grade Lieutenant at the tactical station said, “Lieutenant, it looks like there are 5 black holes ahead of us.”

“5 black holes? Did they just suddenly appear?” the lieutenant in the central chair replied, “how did we miss them until now? They aren’t showing up on the main view screen, or the smaller screen out of this chair’s arm rest.”

“Yes, they are there now, they weren’t one moment, and then they all appeared, “but, you see there’s one thing about black holes that you need to realise. They are black in colour. And there’s one thing you need to realise about space. It is really really big and it too is mostly black in colour. Sorry, that’s two things, not one.” That was the Security officer.

“Lieutenant my science scans are not showing any evidence of the black holes, none of the eddies, none of the gravitational pull on our systems, nothing. I’m not sure that there are black holes, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4 and definitely not 5 of them.” that was the Science officer in response to the security officer.

“So are they blackholes or not? Do we need to distract the stars of this mission and ship to take over, or do we think that they are not blackholes at all and waking the named characters from their beauty sleep would get us all fatally beaten just a little bit?” that was the officer in the central chair.

“Wait a moment, don’t rush me,” that was the security officer, “sorry nameless officers, that was my mistake, sorry. They were not five black holes I was picking up and they weren’t in space. They were five specs of grime on my monitor.”

“Explain, Lieutenant,” that was the Lieutenant who had the comm for the duty shift.

“Well, Lieutenant, you see, the thing about specs of grime their main distinguishing feature is that they are black. AND the thing about monitors, the thing that one notices about them in their resting state is … they too are black. If one doesn’t clean the monitor properly, it is quite an easy mistake to make.”

“You smeghead,” the Science officer said, “you almost made us call the senior officers ot the bridge for no good reason. Did you really want to face the Commander, the Chief Engineers, the Chief Science Officer and the Chief of Security woken up from their beauty sleep? They four of them need it badly.”

“Science officer, please don’t speak that way about one of your colleagues. Trus, he is lax in when it comes to cleaning his monitor, but that’s no reason to call him names,” the Lieutennat currently sitting in the central chairs.

“Lieutenant,” that was the officer in the ops position, “Fleet Command, specifically Assistant Engineering Director Fleet Captain Russell Watt is hailing us, they want to speak to Commander Bellini. Something about warranty and repairs.”

“Thanks, ensign, ask Fleet Command to wait, and I’ll ask the Commander onto the bridge.” said the Lieutennat in the central chair.

=/\= Bridge to Commander Bellini, =/\= that was the Lieutenant in the central chair =/\= Commander, Fleet Command are on subspace. Fleet Captain Russell Watt from Black Rock, and Assistant Engineering Director wants to speak with you about warranty and repairs. Will you come to the bridge, or will I put it through to you. Bridge out. =/\=

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