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Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 11:05 a.m. by Captain Xitt Onnyubum (CO) (Brian Richards)

I know I posted my intro thread but for those that don’t know me I wanted to introduce myself and outline a few changes to the ship. So I’ve been around off and on since 2010 (despite what my profile says) and I’ve was CO of a few ships before. The Resolution 2 times, the Columbia, and the Connie as well once before. I have a passion for this ship and want to see her thrive, as such I’m working with the executive team to modify the charter to allow more accessibility to our player base.

The other big thing I’m going to be doing is creating a running log of changes we make to the ship so that it can be referenced, akin to what Sharon did with the Leviathan and it’s ARU log. Changes to the ship would be the new warp system as outlined by our GM which would make it a fixture of our ship and help her character grow, not just be a sim plot device that’s forgotten. I want the Connie to have a legacy of what we do, something that is reflected in the ship and crew herself! If you have any ideas on something you’d like to do to the ship, please send me or Mel an email or PM us on Discord and we can talk it through.

One of the first things for the list is going to be our new captain will be modifying the replicators to only dispense baked goods whenever food is ordered! Order a bowl of split pea soup? It’ll be a bowl filled with tiny pea sized green cakes! Want to have a ham sandwich? You’ll get a cinnamon roll that’s awkwardly shaped like a sandwich! I’ll create a google slides doc that anyone can access and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


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