Upper Holodeck 1. Let the Baking Begin! (Tag Everyone!)

Posted Nov. 19, 2020, 4:20 p.m. by Captain Xitt Onnyubum (CO) (Brian Richards)

Xitt strolled onto the holodeck at the very front of Deck 16, he would think a cool breeze was running by him as the doors opened but as everyone knows the ship’s ventilation system kept the air perfectly pressurized and circulated, but Xitt was feeling whimsical and it added a sense of joy to the occasion. The Bolian looked around and said, “Computer, load program Xitt 3212a.” He swore he heard the computer chuckle as the holographic systems swirled the scene around him. As the beams coalesced into place Xitt took in a breath and smiled, a somewhat dingy warehouse with baking stations scattered throughout appeared as well as a judging table and a couple of hosts that surely won’t get that annoying right?

Tapping his com badge Xitt said with a proud voice, “All department heads and crew that wants to participate please report to Holodeck 1”

Xitt Onnyubum, CO

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