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Posted Nov. 26, 2020, 8:45 a.m. by Gamemaster Eric, the half a Trib (GamesMaster) (Russell Watt)

It started off as a normal day at Fleet HQ aka Black Rock. A group of 35 Make A Wish Kids were on the station as they all wished to see a space station and Black Rock was the lucky location that won out. Fleet Commander Ray had assigned assistant Fleet Commander AJ to lead the tour for the kids. Thankfully for the kids, AJ was dressed in the standard Starfleet uniform.

They had commenced their tour when suddenly a blarring noise sounded through Black Rock.

“Warning, Warning, This is a Warning. It is not a drill, it is an actual warning. A starship is currently hurtling towards Black Rock station at unsafe speeds. However, we here at the Black Fleet are professionals and we have the finest Starfleet officers. We are in control of the situation. There is no need to panic.” The voice of the officer however showed that they were panicking. “Please don’t panic, but rather make your way to your designated protection areas. Captain Xitt Onnyubum and Lieutenant Commander Jeremy O’Dell please report to the main transporter bay as the ship is understood to be the USS Constellation, and we understand the two of you are to be part of their crew. I understand that there’s some experimental transporter technique that our engineering staff are going to use to get you there, but they assure us it’ll work. Thank you, have a nice day.”

A sound sounded and the 35 make a wish kids looked around in panic at all the people running around. AJ, though, being the dedicated officer that he is, calmly led the kids to the place they were assigned … which would put them directly in the path of the CO and the Counsellor and the transporter bay.

Then the officer’s voice sounded again “What do you mean there was a giant foot that kicked the Constellation this way? {Another Voice} Sir, Sir {Original Voice} How could a foot just appear without the rest of the body? {Another Voice} Sir! {Original Voice} Please let me continue. What is the size of the body, I mean the Constellation is a really really big ship. And … {Another Voice} You are still on the air, Sir! {Original Voice} Please ignore that last message, it was a mistake, there is nothing to be worried about, absolutely nothing, I’m a Starfleet Officer and well … you can trust me. Have you thought of going to beautiful Risa? The Norwegian Blues flock there this time of year, I believe they prefer kipping on their back even while they are pining for the fjords back in their home. Risa, beautiful one day, covered by Norwegian Blues the next. The Norwegian Blues aren’t dead either, just sleeping. I think I covered our backs.”

But he hadn’t, the civilians were really panicking and the Starfleet officers were barely keeping it together. The Make A Wish Kids were scared and some of the youngest had begun crying. Assistant Fleet Commander AJ needed help. He saw the bolian figure of Captain Xitt coming towards him, and called out to him.

“A bit of help with this lot, Captain?” AJ said hopefully, “they are Make a Wish Kids, here for the next three days. Their transport has left. You any good with kids?”

No doubt Counselor Jeremy O’Dell was nearby and would have heard AJ’s pleas … would his genetics win out, or would his training overcome them?

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