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You know what its like. You’re just merrily flying along through space minding your own business, going about at perhaps warp 5, or maybe warp 7, definitely not warp 8 though and warp 9 is a complete no no. When all of a sudden a massive Foot appears and kicks the ship much like a football through space. Then, if that wasn’t odd enough, music starts playing … Go here: if you want to hear it.

“Blimey XO, the ship she’s going at warp … wow she’s moving along,” The officer at ops reports.

“The foot, its readings are off the charts, commander,” the Tactical officer reports.

“How long is it,” Dee Tweedle at Engineering Station one asks.

“That’s an awfully personal question, Sir,” the Science NE replies.

“You smeghead,” Dee replied, “I meant how long has it been since the boot kicked us.”

“Oh, sorry,” the Science NE said, “I … misunderstood. Quite long, I think, the chronometer seems to be going backwards.”

“Turn around the other way,” Dum grumbled from its position.

The Science NE spun in place.

“No, the chronometer, not you.” Dum continued to grumble.

“Lieutenants, Commander, it looks …” the NE at ops said.

“I must admit that I did feel dizzy,” the Science NE said.

“My head is spinning,” the helm officer said, grasping at his head.

”… Like a whirlpool,” the NE at ops said, as beeps and blarts sounded all over the bridge and elsewhere on the Connie. All over the ship people were feeling dizzy, nauseous and their heads were spinning. as the ship flew at whatever speed it was flying at unerringly towards a speck in the distance … a speck that was growing in size as the ship hurtled towards it … then people started blacking out until only the CMO, XO, Chief Engineering Blobs, COS and CSO were awake, as the CO and CNS weren’t actually on the ship at this stage, instead they were on black rock, watching, watching as the ship came hurtling towards them.

So where are the officers?

The CMO is in sickbay, when the music strikes, and people around her start falling much like flies. The CMO would have seen the foot

The COS is just getting out of the turbolift at the bridge as he’s about to go on bridge officer duty.

The CSO is near sickbay.

The XO and the Chief Engineering Blobs are on the bridge. The blobs seem to be rather steady, but one can’t really tell with blobs.

They all would be aware that the ship is going very quickly and at velocities that are more than likely unsafe.

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The initial spin sent everyone top over tea kettle. Fortunately, Valentina’s tea was already finished. Unfortunately… Valentina’s tea was already finished. That meant her stomach was threatening to remove it from her body as the spinning worsened. She cried out with the others and grabbed her seat to keep from being flung to the walls as a couple others had been, either from already being close proximity to one or standing up and having nothing else stop them.

“What’s going on? HELM!!! Crap… someone see if we can manage to stop the spin, if not the sliding. Maneuvering thrusters, engines, SOMETHING!!!” She started to say to throw out the parachute, but she feared someone would do just that. It actually wouldn’t have surprised her if this carnival ride of a ship did have such a thing. She shook her head to clear the thought and realized that was a mistake as the dizziness heightened for a moment. “DEE… DUM.... ANY IDEAS!??” She slowly, very slowly she hoped, turned her head to see if the two were helping any, or as helpless as most of them were.

That’s when she realized the Captain wasn’t on the bridge. Growling under her breath, she tried to get up and check the Ready Room thinking maybe the CO had gone there just before all this occurred.

Xo… Ox… XO… (too dizzy to figure it out)

As Byr straightened his uniform making his way to the Bridge for his duty, all of a sudden the ship started spinning. He felt like he was in one of those revolving carnival rides as he got pinned up against the wall, upside down. As the ship continued spinning, the turbolift doors opened to the bridge as Byr stumbled head over heels out and fell face first just oustide the turbolift, unbalanced as he picked himself up and his antennae wiggling in opposite directions from each other before getting a grip on his station and sliding into position. He then checked the scanners to find out where they were, and what the heck just happened.

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