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Xitt was sitting in his quarters going over the Command Course notes from Discount Dave’s Command Course Warehouse when he jolted up and heard about the rambling ways in which they were all destined for doom. The note about the Norwegian Blues though distracted him. Beautiful plumage. Picking up his kitten he shook his head as he ran out of the room and made a pace towards the transporter room that would make a pensioner in an electric scooter blush! There he saw one of the many things that raised his fears to new heights. It wasn’t nausicans, it wasn’t the borg, it wasn’t the green slime that he had nicknamed Creepy Dee that constantly looked like it was eyeing him up at his old desk before the promotion. It was children! Small individuals with developing brains that want to ask questions that make no sense coupled with their need to touch everything, put everything in their mouths, stare blankly as though they were processed by the old gods. Maybe he was a little confused on what exactly he was afraid of but his mother always told him “Every cell is sacred Xitt, get used to it!”

He stopped with his mouth agape, one of the kids pointing it out and laughing causing the other kids to laugh. “Um..... Fleet Commander I cannot begin to tell you how not good with children I am, but we’re in an emergency and I suppose as a Captain I need to do the right thing. Problem is I don’t know if it’s the right thing for me or for them!” He said out loud, the personal filter totally lacking in this situation as he said, “Oh come on I hear the transporter room has some fancy technique to save us all and get us on the ship. Maybe it’ll be safer there?”

“Well, I’m no good with bacon, Captain,” Assistant Fleet Commander Paulson replied, “but I have to address the bacon loving symposium as the Federation representative next week, and you don’t hear me complain … too much. I am supposed to open the address by frying up bacon with eggs, tomatoes, toast, hashbrown, baked beans, haggis and spam. And you won’t believe how difficult it has been to track down baked beans! Most places I’ve asked says the baked beans are off. No, the kids need to get to your ship … out there … and yes, it’ll be safer there than here, as here, the ship out there will crash soon, and if they are on a ship of which I’m not part of the command structure, I can’t be blamed for it and I won’t have to fill in the paperwork, you will! So take control of these darling little Make a Wish Kids and remember, you are doing it for the Federation and the Black Fleet.”

Xitt Onnyabum, CO

=^=Shuttle Athena to Black Rock station. What is going on? Is there a member of the continuum out there playing with ships? The Connie is out of control.=^=
Lt Cmdr Atoded, COP

=^= A big giant foot kicked the Constellation in this direction. We understand the foot was not attached to a leg, or any other part of the body. It was also covered by a sporting boot of some kind. We’re unsure whether it was a cricket, baseball, football, rugby or American football boot. In any case, the Constellation is travelling at unsafe velocities and we are currently trying to get everyone on Black Rock to safety. Do the Q come as giant foots? And how many can you take in an emergency. Oh dock if you want? I never wanted to do this for a living. =^=

Brenna shook her head. If things couldn’t get any stranger. She got closer to Black Rock. =^=Shuttle Athena to Black Rock shuttle bay. Requesting permission to dock=^= After several minutes of back and forth and panic, Brenna was able to dock her shuttle. She went through the power down sequence. She walked over to Luna’s cage and opened it up. She slipped a small harness and then leash around the little rabbit. Then she picked her up and slid her into a shoulder bag. She clipped a special strap to the harness and then opened the hatch to her shuttle. She stepped out and palming the biometric access pad she closed and locked the shuttle up. She looked at the chief in charge. “Don’t let anyone touch this shuttle. It won’t be pleasent and they’ll end up in sickbay. I won’t take responsibility.”

“Yes, Lt Commander, Ma’am” the chief in charge replied, “so, when you return we are not to let you to touch the shuttle, understood.”

She headed out and soon found herself blocked in a corridor by what looked like her new CO and a football team worth of children. The captain didn’t appear to be fairing well.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Xitt was doing his best not to freak out with the children, the fleet commander, and the blaring klaxons of distress doing a great job of generally freaking everyone out. He looked up and saw an officer coming with a small furry creature. His own kitten trying to get away from him as he corralled 35 sick children to little success. “You, officer.... I’ll learn later. For the love of the First Mother help me get them to the transporter room.” The bright blue man, fighting with kids and kittens managed to steer them down a corridor “I have no idea if this is even the right way!” He said with an almost nervous giggle.

Xitt Onnyabum, CO

Brenna looked around and sighed. She wondered what T’Jal would make of this. F’actar would run from the children, no doubt, but T’Jal she wasn’t sure. But Jake had always been good with kids. She palmed the LCARS screen near by “Computer please show me the way to the nearest transporter room.” And the corridor lit up as the arrows began showing the way. She nodded to the captain whom she already recognized from his personnel file, “Cpt. Onnyabum that way,” she pointed in the directions the arrows were indicating. She looked around at the children....35 by her best guess. “Come on children this way. And if you are very good I’ll even let you pet Luna.”

Xitt looked frantically at his officer and nodded in complacent agreement and blinked with almost glazed eyes. “Alright everyone, if I’m reading the signs correctly it’s around the next corner.” Xitt ran smack dab into the doors as a lovely glitch in the system rendered the door a little slower to open. He stood back dazed as the children laugh. He shuddered and the door opened while they all ran in. “Ensign… Lieutenant… Person at the controls of the transporter! Beam these kids over last!” He stopped and looked at the looks he was getting. “Sorry… Beam these kids over first!”

Xitt Onnyubum, CO

Pokey McFuzzpants III, or Captain Pokey McFuzzpants III to you, was not happy with his spot being squeezed by a Bolian. It was ruffling his uniform! The unmitigated gall of it all! He managed to wiggle himself free and mewed triumphantly before doing that adorable little butt wiggle as he saw something else fluffy with the officer that his Bolian servant had been talking to. He wiggled a little more and pounced off of the servant’s shoulders and towards the fluffy thing!

Captain Pokey McFuzzpants III

With deft hands she snatched the cat out of the air, “Well hello there little one. Let’s get you somewhere safe.” Despite the objections of the feline, Brenna tucked him into the bag and pulled a mesh cover over the opening and secured it. There was a small hole that a cat could easily get it’s head in and out of but no the rest of the body. “You two play nice. Luna do not kick your new friend.” She looked at the children and winked. “Luna is very opinionated and does not like to share. So I will have to make sure her feet stay in once place. Now let’s see if we can help these fine officers find that transporter room. Would you all like to help?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“No!” one of the littlest ones said, “I want to see the waterfalls. I was promised waterfalls, I want to see waterfalls.” The child in question, a bajoran by the looks of it, dropped down to the ground.

“Tari, there will be waterfalls, I promise you,” an older kid, a betazoid judging by the eyes, “we need to go with these officers to get to the waterfalls. There will be waterfalls once we go with them, I promise you.”

“And tribbles?” Tari said, “I wanted to see the tribble petting zoo as well.”

“I can’t promise anything about tribbles …” the betazoid adolescent began, but that proved a mistake, as Tari began hitting the floor with their fists, “TRIBBLES TRIBBLES TRIBBLES I WANT TRIBBLES!”

“I guess we’ll try to get you the tribbles as well, Tari,” the betazoid replied, and suddenly Tari was happy once more, and got up and held a hand up to the betazoid.

Assistant Fleet Commander Paulson watched the display quietly, before waved to Xitt, Atoded and the kids and said, “I have other things to do, keep those kids safe.” Before heading off in the direction they came.

Some of the kids headed towards into the transporter room, another one of the little ones though grabbed hold of Xitt’s leg as the Bolian tried to walk.

The first of the kids were on the transporter padd and the transporter operator began the process to send them over to the out of control Constellation.

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