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The initial spin sent everyone top over tea kettle. Fortunately, Valentina’s tea was already finished. Unfortunately… Valentina’s tea was already finished. That meant her stomach was threatening to remove it from her body as the spinning worsened. She cried out with the others and grabbed her seat to keep from being flung to the walls as a couple others had been, either from already being close proximity to one or standing up and having nothing else stop them.

“What’s going on? HELM!!! Crap… someone see if we can manage to stop the spin, if not the sliding. Maneuvering thrusters, engines, SOMETHING!!!” She started to say to throw out the parachute, but she feared someone would do just that. It actually wouldn’t have surprised her if this carnival ride of a ship did have such a thing. She shook her head to clear the thought and realized that was a mistake as the dizziness heightened for a moment. “DEE… DUM.... ANY IDEAS!??” She slowly, very slowly she hoped, turned her head to see if the two were helping any, or as helpless as most of them were.

Dee looked at Dum, and then at the XO. Dum looked at the XO and then at Dum. Both then looked slowly around the bridge.

“Commander,” Dee said after a few moments of silence, “it seems we three are the only ones still standing on the bridge.” As Dee spoke, Dum moved to one of the stations on the bridge and began to run system checks.

That’s when she realized the Captain wasn’t on the bridge. Growling under her breath, she tried to get up and check the Ready Room thinking maybe the CO had gone there just before all this occurred.

Xo… Ox… XO… (too dizzy to figure it out)

The previous captain was unconscious behind their CO desk and was unresponsive to any attempts to wake them.

“Commander,” called out Dee from the bridge, “the turbolift doors are opening …”

As Byr straightened his uniform making his way to the Bridge for his duty, all of a sudden the ship started spinning. He felt like he was in one of those revolving carnival rides as he got pinned up against the wall, upside down. As the ship continued spinning, the turbolift doors opened to the bridge as Byr stumbled head over heels out and fell face first just oustide the turbolift, unbalanced as he picked himself up and his antennae wiggling in opposite directions from each other before getting a grip on his station and sliding into position. He then checked the scanners to find out where they were, and what the heck just happened.

Then, “oh, it’s Lieutenant Ch’riaqer,” Dee said, “and now there are four of us.”

“Commander, We’ve been… punted to Black Rock…” Byr said as he read the location, and no real way of better describing it until the sensor readings came through.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnaterro Ch’riaqer, CSO (AKA Carelessly Spinned Officer)

Andromeda scolwed a she made her way into the center of sickbay, cursing in Ferengi. =/\=CMO to whoever is out there. What just happened?=/\= She bent down to check on one of her nurses muttering under her breath about giant feet and invisible aliens.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

As the CMO’s voice came into the bridge, Dee announced, “and Dr DeLion makes five. If this keeps up, we’ll soon be able to call ourselves the Connie 7.” Dee cleared its throat before opening a channel back to Dr DeLion.

=/\= Dr DeLion, we understand we have been punted by a giant boot. Most on the bridge are unconscious. How many active do you have with you in sickbay? =/\= Dee asked.

=/\= Me! Alright, I’m coming up there. =/\=

Valentina frowned. Punted? How in all the cosmos… Well it didn’t honestly matter, the how, it had occurred. She sat back in her seat, after quite the jostle back towards it and growled at her unceremoniously flop into the furniture. Good thing it was secured or she’d likely have toppled it over as well. “Well, let’s get us righted, even if we can’t stop the slide. Shall we?” She tried to access the helm from her seat and prayed her Academy emergency training would kick in and remind her how to reverse thrusters and such to get them back to rights. “Something tells me this isn’t taught at the Academy, even nowadays,” she murmured under her breath.

Dizzy XO

=/\= Main Engineering, This is Lt Dum Tweedle from the bridge, who is in charge down there? =/\= Dum said while Dee at moved its way to another station on the bridge. Dee was trying to get a reading on systems.

  • Dum and Dee Tweedle
    Co Chief Engineering Blobs


Andromeda walked onto the bridge and looked at the unconscious people, then shrugged. She scanned the person nearest to her, then walked over to Byrnaterro and scanned him, looking for differences beyond “One’s unconscious.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Byr’s antennae twitched as the doctor scanned him, like a reflex of a cat that got suddenly touched when it wasn’t expecting it. Looking around, Byr noted that a lot of the Bridge crew did get knocked out from the boot, “Whatever the boot’s purpose was, it seemed to have taken us to Black Rock, Commander,” Byr added as he verified the ship’s location on scanners.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnaterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

Valentina was waiting for the ship to steady itself though she was grateful they weren’t spinning anymore. “Ok, so at least we know where we are. But you said the chrono was going backwards. So the question is when are we? Let’s get a start on that and see if we can figure out why we are here.” She settled back in her seat and looked around at everyone. Mentally she checked off the various departments. The CMO was here, and medical was functioning. The Chief Engineers were here and they weren’t concerned, so engineering was functioning. As the CSO reported they were at Black Rock, she was grateful the science lab wasn’t blown up. And Security would be checking in in any moment in response to NE Jackson’s status check to them as well. Once they were in, she could exhale and figure out the next step.


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Byr tapped at the console to see if he could identify just how far in time they had travelled, or if it was just the chronometer malfunctioning as they got booted in the direction of the space station. Whoever it was really seemed to want the ship to report in, however.

Lt(J.G) Byrnaterterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

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