And Now ... Time for Something Completely Different ... A post from your GM!

Posted Feb. 20, 2021, 9:14 p.m. by Gamemaster Eric, the half a Trib (GamesMaster) (Russell Watt)

Hi all,
My deepest apologies once more. I have hit myself over the head with a wet noodle several hundred times as I have worked hard on getting things in order to post.

With your permission, I think I should restart the sim … My thinking behind this is that I haven’t posted as GM or CE in quite a long time (well over a month) and in that time, we’ve had numerous new people join us and I think it would be unfair to have you all undergoing the same things that I’ve put your through. Things surrounding the mission won’t change in major ways … I just figure it would be the most respectful thing for me to do given the great amount of grace nad understanding that Brian, Melissa and the crew have extended to me.

Let me know what you think of that as a plan.

Provided there aren’t any major disapprovals from the crew on this I will get started on this after the ‘Splish Splash with Dinosaurs’ birthday party I am attending this afternoon (my time). Party from 2pm - 4pm QLD time, home by 5pm. So, probably in around 6 hours from me.


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