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Posted March 2, 2021, 12:11 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP)) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Andromeda DeLion (Chief of Keeping Our Bodies Healthy (CMO)) in Getting a pet

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP)) in Getting a pet

Andromeda hummed loudly as she strode down the hallways of the ship. Anyone listening closely might recognize an old Earth song, The Imperial March, from a fairly popular movie series. She stepped into the Pet Emporium, looking around for Brenna. “Atoded! I was summoned?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna popped up from behind one of the half walls that separated the habitats from each other, with a grin and holding several tiny kittens in her hands. “DeLion! Come in, come in. These little ones were born a few days ago and are starting to find their legs. I had to come sit with them for a moment. One of the perks of my job.” She set them down gently and then hopped over the wall. “Are you here to pick out a pet? There are many to choose from. Traditional and rare. Mammals, amphibians, avians, aquatic pets, and so forth.”
Lt. Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda smiled softly. “I suppose I am, aren’t I? You have some sort of questionnaire or do you have a magic pet-person sense?” She’d never had the opportunity for a pet, had barely seen animals beyond the occasional cargo haul of imports and exports. People were much more her area.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

“Well I guess the first question is how much time do you want to put into a pet? Are you likely to forget about it? Or only want to spend a few minutes a day, or a companion that needs as much time from you as you want from it?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“I… get busy. I wouldn’t forget, but something that stays in my room all day is going to end up a bit neglected.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna nodded, “So something that can go with you to work. Would you like a pet that can also work? A therapy pet perhaps or an assistance animal for when you have patients doing PT?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“They can be useful?” Andromeda quickly reevaluated the animals. “Can they come on away missions?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

“That depends on the level of training. Shore leave certainly, but to go for work, would depend. Certainly they can. The dog, Elanor, that Lt Burcham just picked out will be able to go. Her training is extensive. Now that’s not to say if the animal you pick isn’t trained that it can not be. And I can work with you on that. What are you thinking?” Depending on what she wanted would determine the types of animals that could be used.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“Something that can help certainly, and I’d rather be able to take it with me. Perhaps something brightly colored?” Andromeda always seemed to have to distract children on away missions.
-Andromeda DeLion.

“Hmmm what about a squirel monkey? Small and very entertaining. Can be taught to be a distraction for someone or simply comfort them. And their colors are gorgous.”
LT Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“Monkeys have thumbs, right?” She was intrigued and was almost looking forward to getting a pet.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna nodded, “Yes they do.” She waved Andromeda over to a room and opened the door, stepping inside. “They don’t like a lot of noise from the other animals. They tolerate humans and our ship’s noises but other animals seem to both their sensitive ears.” Inside was a temperate forest like atmosphere with lots of things to climb. There were a handful of Squirrel Monkeys, colors ranging from blacks/browns/greys with dabs of white and a wide array of yellows/reds/oranges. They were very friendly and easily approached.
Lt. Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda held a hand out, enchanted by the creatures. “Incredible.”
-Andromeda, CMO

Brenna grinned. She always enjoyed watching people get picked by an animal. One of the smaller ones climbed down and grabbed Andromeda’s hand with it’s own tiny ones, by thumb and pinky finger turning it back and forth. After a moment it looked up at her, tipping it’s head to the side, emitting a series of chirp like noises, and then scurried up her arm and holding onto her upper arm sat in the crook of her elbow.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

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