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OOC: This idea came from the following D’amato, James. The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book. Adams Media: New York, 2020.
Brenna sat in the captain’s ready room with the report glaring at her from the Padd in her lap. “The leader of the Saurians is approaching his final molting and the people are excited. However as a member of the Federation their leader wants to invite members of the member species. And he’s never been on a star ship before, and has requested to have this celebration on board one?” She read the rest of the message. The Constellation was picked because the diplomatic module could be added to the ship, it’s size, AND their pet program. Command thought having an expert in animal species across the galaxy translated to understanding the myriad species of the Federation? Okay well she did have that, she was Intel, but if she wasn’t this was a disaster. “We’re planning a party, Sir?” Brenna was already getting a headache.

OOC: Link to the Saurians:
With Brian’s permission we have this little side sim. There is something here for everyone.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

As Byr was going through the decoration list and all the different people attending the event, he sighed, “I’m still getting the glitter out of my antennae from the last one.” It was always good to see other cultural activities that other member worlds partook in, it was something of a curiosity of Byr’s. “How are the animals doing by the way, any interesting new pet species recently?” he asked the chief of pets. Every now and then he’d like to pop by just to see the myriad of different species. There was probably more than one occasion that the Lt Cmdr had told him to put away his tricorder in the first few visits.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnaterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

Sitting behind his desk he went over the multitude of cultural and political issues facing them for this event. Rubbing his temples he looked out to the planning comitte he had put together, wondered why he didn’t pick a board room for this meeting, and said, “Yes Commander we’re hosting a party. And of course we’ll return to Black Rock here soon to swap modules sure, but with the amount of attendees and the conflicts between them numerous, we have quite a few headaches to tackle before we can even start to load the glitter cannons again.” He looked towards his CSO and said, “Lieuteant Ch’riager, given that we have 154 member states who are each sending a represnetitive or a few I do not envy the task I have assigned to you. I need you to prepare a list of acceptable decorations and if we need to split the ship into sections to make sure that we don’t offend everyone I’m happy to do so.” He turned to his 2O and said, “I’m thinking of having the Tonys in charge of cooking, the COS of course in charge of security but also accommodations and guest list, the CMO in charge of music, the CNS in charge of entertainment, and we really do need to rely on our EPPEG to be the party coordinator, this really is their department. We can have our CE working on atmosphere and CHTFE working on the gravity situation, the XO and I taking on the role of MC and can you make sure no one kills each other at dinner, so make sure the seating arrangement is perfect. Doing what you can to see that we are all on track and helping out where needed?”

Zarcal, CO

Brenna nodded and sent the following instructions out to the appropriate department.

CSO: Decor: Colors are stimulating, and you speak that language fluently. Whether it’s a splash of mauve lighting or a fluorescent black floor, you’ve got the knack.

Tonys: Food: A delicacy to one species is an insult to another, and you are master at finding just the right dish for every species for every occasion. YUM!

COS: Security/Guest List: When one species is food to another, the seating chart gets…complicated. But you’ve got it all under control, managing curious customs and watching out for who is toxic to whom.

CMO: Music/Sound: Beings without ears can still experience sound, and yo uknow just the right tones to use, whether it’s vibrating bass or gentle nails on a chalkboard.

CNS: Entertainment: You’ve got a giant space address file; you know performers from all over the galaxy and, critically, what it takes to get them here.

CE: Atmosphere: Some aliens breathe different gases, and some don’t breathe at all. All of the guests need to survive the party, and you’ve got the skills to make that happen–with color-changing fog, even.

Helm: Gravity: Gravity is a sensitive topic–everyone wants it prefect, but nobody wants to talk about it. You know what feels just right to all the guests.


CoP: Seating arrangement

EPPEEG: Coordinator
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“Yes, we will have ample security around the whole party in case anything goes down, hopefully it doesn’t, and I’d be happy to work on where to sit everyone. I’m happy to help.” Lt. Burcham said sitting in his chair.
Lt. Burcham, CoS

“Trust me, you don’t want to get glitter on a gorn…” Byr said with a slight concern in his voice, making it hard to tell if he was speaking from personal experience. “Some sort of lighting would definitely be more effective…” he commented as the CoP mentioned it. “And it would be good for our guest to feel at home for his ceremony, after all it is a cultral thing for their people, so that should also be thought about it. Starting with where is it going to be held?” he asked.

Lieutenant (J.G) Byrnarterro Ch’riaqer, CSO

Andromeda shrugged. “Klingons listen to opera, Andorians listen to opera, even Vulcans have opera. I vote that we play opera.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Zarcal chuckled and looked at his CMO, “Off all of the musical traditions I honestly never thought Opera was going to be the great unifying piece.” He really, really wanted to ask his CSO about that experience, perhaps something to discuss at a future meeting as he chuckled and said, “Do we want to try to split the ship into different sections or try to find ways to blend our ship with those ideas? For atmosphere we could get re-breathers per species or am I making it too complicated?”

Zarcal, CO

“I would suggest captain, that perhaps we make a pit stop and switch out the recreational module for the diplomatic one. It can conform to more evironments and give us more quarters for our esteemed guests that will be arriving,” Brenna suggested.
OOC: Tasks have been suggested out above. If you feel you could do a different task better or have suggestions please let me know. Also feel free to make new threads and I will add any details/information/problems to asolve.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

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