I think you may need more couches... (Tag Brain Cleaner person; AKA CNS)

Posted March 5, 2021, 5:52 a.m. by Lieutenant Asher Miller (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Chief Petty Officer Tony (Ship’s Work Crew) in I think you may need more couches… (Tag Brain Cleaner person; AKA CNS)
The hallway was crowded; Full, in fact. Thirty-odd humanoids took up a fair amount of space; and the more aggressive Tonys’ jostling for space only made things worse. The cigarette smoke was thick on the air; competing with the scent of pomade and cheap aftershave. Rattling of dice pricked at [Bossman]Tony’s ears, and he knew that Lucky Tony had started up a game. Not that that was a surprise; give the small Bajoran 30 seconds and a willing ear, and she was guaranteed to be running odds or a game on something. “Tony! Come-aaaan; we tryin’ ta be presentable here!” Tony shoved his fellows aside, approaching the tale-tale sound of money changing hands. [Lucky] Tony didn’t have the grace to look embarrassed, but she did shoot the Boss a sly grin as she pocketed her winnings; in stark contrast to the losers.

Tony sighed; but he hadn’t expected anything else really. This many Tony’s in any one place was practically begging for trouble; it was remarkable that a bit of gambling was all that had taken place so far. “Right you louts; remember what we’re here for today; we’s gotta be official, and dat happens when we get okayed! So, like we discussed, we gotta meet wit that uh… yaknow, brain doc…” Tony’s voice quieted as he searched for the right word; before Tony the Brain spoke up in his small voice.
“Counsellor; boss. Den there’s tha medic; and after we split up, just like you said, Boss.”
“Yea; that’s right! Thanks, Tony.”

Pushing though the crowd towards the door, Tony bummed a cigarette off of Tony, and a lighter off of Tony. Lighting up, he knocked firmly on the Counselor’s door. “Ay; we’s here for tha 9:00 slot!”

Asher was unsuspecting of the small crowd which had gathered outside his office but the noise was certainly beginning to grow louder, when his door was finally knocked he had already made his way and was standing opposite the first of the Tony’s he ofcourse ‘heard’ of the Tony’s but thought it was some kind of practical joke the crew was playing on the new guy so when he say that Tony had requested a session he accepted unknowingly accepting ALL of them.

The door swished open and with it the smell of smoke! “Computer activate fire suppressors in the counselling louge!” He said and from the small well-hidden fire suppressors in the recesses of the bulkhead, a foam washed over all the Tonys extinguishing the single lit cigarette. “What the hell is going on out here?” He asked a small grin on his face. So the Tony’s were real, and they were all here. He’d need more chairs, maybe a bigger room.

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