The first of many--Reporting to the CNS

Posted March 10, 2021, 5:58 a.m. by Lieutenant Asher Miller (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Asher Miller (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) in The first of many–Reporting to the CNS

Posted by Lieutenant Asher Miller (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) in The first of many–Reporting to the CNS

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Cooper was both excited and nervous. He’d heard so many great things about the Connie–and so many horror stories. But he was here now, and his training prepared him extensively for this. He knew a bit of everything, but that was about it, he tugged gently on the hem of his uniform as the lift gently slowed to a stop.

Abesentmindedly adjusting his combadge, he strolled down the corridor, looking for a door labeled as the Counselor’s Office. Reaching it, he rang the chime.

Ens Cooper Gaines, JoaT

Asher was still settling in, he was in the middle of decorating his officer when the door chime rang. Usually his officer door was open but the fluff ball in the corner seemed to enjoy wondering out of his officer and into the corridor and until he spoke to the engineer to rig some kind of door guard the door had to remain shut. Stepping back he looked at the picture on the wall which was a picture of a tree in different stages of growing and the words Good things take time.

He moved over to the door and it opened, the sensor active only on the inside. “Ensign, come in” he motioned with his arm. “Can I get you something a drink or snack perhaps?”

  • Lt Asher Miller

Cooper entered the room, immediately surveying the surroundings. “Yes, please. Arnold Palmer, which is half sweet tea, half lemonade, please.”

Ens Cooper Gaines, JoaT

Asher nodded walking over to the replicator and ordered himself a synthaholic Pina Colada and an Arnold Palmer. “Please take a seat.” There were several seats to choose from including a long sofa, some bean bags and recliners. Asher himself chose to sit on the neon green bean bag in front of his desk. “Here” He passed Cooper his drink, “Smells great, a drink from home?” He asked sipping his own mocktail.

  • Lt Asher Miller

Cooper plopped down into one of the other bean bags. “A bit. My dad used to drink them, I picked up the habit.” He said, smiling at a memory. “Anyway, I’m here both to report in to you, and get my psychological eval, since Starfleet won’t let me do my own.”

Ens Cooper Gains, JoaT

Asher wished it was that simple to turn on and off an eval, “Well we’ve already started. I dont have questions to ask you in the platonic sense but I would like to just have a conversation with you” He explained, sometimes you got the best evals from simply talking and more often than not people thought he was forgetting to do them but instead he was taking a friendlier arppoach. “So tell me more about your father? Did he influence you in joining Starfleet?”

  • Lt Asher Miller


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