I cant check in with myself so you'll do! COP Check-in

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He gave each dog a stroke and even pet Luna, “Well I mean what a job.” Sitting back up he looked now to Brenna, “Usually I have to use the holodeck for some puppy therapy but having you onboard makes my job a lot more fun. I cant wait to invade gamma shift with a herd of puppies” He joked, “So how did you become chief of pets, I cant lie at first I thought it was a joke.”

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“You know you are the first person to ask me that. I’m a counselor by training. I did some research work with a team on the benefits of animal therapy and then the long term benefits of crew that had pets and did not. It’s not a new study, but it’s been a few hundred years since it was approached. And the results were so significant, command allowed us to run a test program on a deep space vessel, and Constellation got picked. And if you love puppies, one of my dogs is due in about 3 weeks, but we just had a litter of kittens. 8 of them, small fluffy, squirmy balls of fluff that think anything they touch is their mother at the moment. You really should come experience them.”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

He nodded, “Oh I think that would be amazing! Would it surprise you that I am a firm believer in using puppy therapy? Its an amazing stress and anxiety reliever for almost any species, I’ve even seen it work on Klingons would you belive it!” Asher was genuinely thrilled that the Constellation took the welfare for its crew so seriously that it had someone just for pets, no wonder why the crew seemed so happy.

  • Lt Asher Miller, CNS

“Puppy therapy is amazing. Unfortunately I can’t promise we will always have puppies, but there are plenty of pets to play with. I’m happy for you to use them in therapy. They get a little lonely with just me and the Tony’s for company.” Brenna smiled and then took a sip of her drink. “So Lt what made you decide to come to the Connie?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Asher was genuinely appreciative of her offer, “Well I saw it time to rejoin a ship and the Connie was one that was in need of a counsellor I’d love to say it was fate or some kind of divine intervention but it was just the first on a long list but I am happily excited to be here and glad that I could be a part of the crew here, it really has that special something.” He explained, “I’ll have to take you up on your pets but… whats ‘the Tony’s?” He asked confused.

  • Lt Asher Miller, CNS

Brenna laughed, “Connie is certainly that. Though I think I enjoy the off the wall nature of the ship and crew. Now as for the animals we are welcome any time.” She picked up her drink and contemplated the Tonys. “Let’s see, all of them have slicked and styled black, greasy hair – either natural, or a wig if their species cannot grow hair. They all typically smoke heavily, and wear tracksuits or similar casual clothing. They are all very close with each other, being universally supportive and protective; even if gruff or aggressive. Blue Tony might slap Tony the Brain upside the head and call him an idiot, but that is simply how they express care for each other – in the next moment, Blue Tony will help Tony the Brain.” She leaned down and scooped the rabbit into her lap, then continued. “In dealing with others outside of their group, their behavior is generally unchanged; they understand and respect societal norms, but they generally default to their rough and tumble nature. They are quite capable of ‘dressing up’ and presenting themselves with class, but they need to be sufficiently motivated to do so. And they all have old Earth New York Italian accents and their behavior suits the accent. I find them refreshingly honest, if abrasive. But that doesn’t bother me. Slick Tony and Little Tony help me in the pet emporium. Hard workers, but a little hard on the environmental controls with the smoke.” What she didn’t way was they were totally trustworthy, and as the CIO of the ship (though no one but Zarcal knew that) she was quite sure she could trust Slick and Little Tony to help her in that department as well.
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Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“They certainly sound like a handful and a very unique opportunity to study the interactions of federation service in space between a family.” Asher was always writing papers about the long term effects of continued space travel, especially when serving with family and the impact it has on them emotionally and physically, sometimes a family in such a close proximity show signs of emotional fatigue and certainly has caused issues in the past when others show an increase in support and this morale. “I’ll have to schedule an appointment with them all.

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Sometimes Brenna missed the purely scientific aspect of observing the world around her. Now mostly she put those skills to use in more intriguing ways. “Do you do a lot of research, Asher? I haven’t done any in a long time, so I was excited to get to be hands on with this pet project.”
Lt. Cmdr Atoded, CoP

He nodded, “Always. I quite like writing and submitting papers I think one day my overall ambition would be to lecture at the Academy and the other medical institutes in the Federation, Humanoid psychology fascinates me and I want to share that with as many people I can and who knows maybe even find people just like me to become the next generation of counsellors” It was clear that Asher loved his job.

  • Lt Asher Miller

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