Party Planning in Space: MC Dinner Meeting (Tag CO)

Posted April 14, 2021, 7:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP)) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Zarcal (Person Who Runs The Ship (CO)) in Party Planning in Space: MC (Tag CO/XO)

The time of the party was quickly approaching and so Brenna was making the rounds of the departments to see how they were progressing with their plans. Her last stop was to check in with the CO and XO on their speeches. She made her way to the bridge and took her seat and looked over at them, “How is the speech writing going?”

Focus: MC: Greeting, speeches, conflict resolution, and keeping things on track.

Possible Species: Zaldan, Vulcan, Trill, Tellarite, Romulan, Risa, Alpha Century, Xindi (primate, arboreal, reptilian, insectoid, aquatic), Betazed, Coridan, Barzan, Andorian, Arcadians, Ariolo, Bzzit Khaht, Caitians, Deltans, Grazerites, Kasheeta, Xelatian, Ferengi, Zaranite
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP


Brenna nodded, “Of course Captain. I am at your disposal. Perhaps a working dinner?” It wasn’t uncommon to see Brenna working and eating in the mess hall or carrying meals back to her office. It was good cover and allowed for extra time to be ‘indisposed’ and to appear a bit of a work-a-holic. It also created the impression that if she wasn’t in her office she was working while eating in the mess hall, when really she was in her hidden office.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP/CIO

Zarcal understood the subtleties of her work. He wasn’t an intel officer but he certainly knew how to balance the acts as an ambassador and a diplomat. He nodded and said, “Of course, I’ll meet you in the mess hall around 1900 hours?” The captain of course made this sound like it would be any other discussion but he would make sure that it was a secluded area with some preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of anyone peering in or listening. Active noise cancelation and a blackout zone for sensors and such, standard practice for more sensitive discussions and easy to do if you knew how to adjust the internal systems. It was amazing what a containment field can be calibrated to do.

Zarcal, CO

An alarm went off, was it timed that way? And Brenna looked at an old fashioned watch she was wearing. “Ah almost feeding time. If you will excuse me, Captain.” Brenna left the bridge and headed towards her office.

1900 hours was approaching and Brenna was on her way to the mess hall with Mya, her bug sniffing rabbit, and ordered her food from the replicator rather than ordering. Fewer people making the rounds near their table that way. She spotted the captain quickly and the duo made their way over to him. “Good evening captain. How’s the speech?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP/CIO

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