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Ensign Chuckles is on the bridge at one of the auxilary stations, one right next to the COS station.

“And then, the Cardassian turned to the Ferengi and said, how big are your ears?” Chuckles was telling the bridge crew

A variety of officers (first in first dressed … though one needs to be the COS) are on the bridge at the time … (and medical staff, science staff and engineering staff are in their own threads elsewhere) …

Oh, the same size as an ferengi’s ears, and much bigger than those of a Vulcan or a Romulan, the Ferengi asked.

Oh, so this big then the Cardassian replied, flinging his hands back.” Chuckles, of course, flung his own hand back, and his hand seemed to have a tracking device attached to it which drew it unerringly and quickly to the photon torpedoes firing button … “Oops … did I do thaaaaaaat?” Chuckles said, in addition to being a comedian, Chuckles was also rather uncoordinated.

Only one is fired, but it seems only one is required, as the torpedo flies through space with the greatest of ease, flying unerringly towards an asteroid that has a sign on it that reads “Sacred Relic of the Ouzenge … Children’s Practice in Session”. The torpedo seemed to have a bit of fun as it circled the asteroid, and then paused and seemed to wink at the Constellation before exploding the asteroid in question.

Brenna was sitting on the bridge, center seat for the moment. She watched in horror, “Self destruct the torpedo!” But it was too late…she stared in horror at the screen.

“I err … I err,” Chuckles said … and then looked at the COS, “did you hear the one about the kind hearted COS who forgave accidents, Sir?”

=^= Bridge to Transporter room, begin emergency transport of any survivors from that blown asteroid!=^=

She turned and looked at Chuckles, the seriousness of the situation belying her typical laid back good humor, “Did you hear about the one where the crazy pet lady set her killer dogs loose on the careless ensign that just blew up children?”

=^=Atoded to Zarcal and Bellini. We have an incident here. You are both needed on the bridge, right now.=^= Brenna was not one to panic, raise her voice, or quaver. But the sterness in her voice would leave little doubt to the seriousness of the situation to Zarcal and Bellini.

Zarcal was spending time with Rhyolite, making sure the baby Horta was adjusting well to life not just on the starship but in general as it had hatched only a few days ago. The page came in and Zarcal breathed in sharply before exhaling and grabbing the specially designed baby sling and lifted his little Rhyolite and tickled its.... well rock I suppose as there isn’t much to distinguish one part of it’s outer form from another. Ridges maybe? Either way Rhyolite cooed as only a rock can as it gurgled some of it’s acid and Zarcal tut tutted the infant and said, “No gurgling acid onto my outfit now, that hurts us carbon based life forms remember?” Rhyolite seemed to calm down as Zarcal sealed the top where the atmosphere was contained and the recycling system was activated. He had a small pouch with some tasty geological treats as he made his way out of his quarters and to the bridge. Being a new parent Zarcal wasn’t in full uniform, a more laid back off duty garb with Rhyolite on his chest. He looked at the viewscreen and the destruction caused coupled with the lack of any alert before he turned to his 2O and said, “Brenna what happened?” Rhyolite was cooing and gurgling as Zarcal opened the top and said, “I know I know, we’re on the bridge now, daddy has to do some work but we’ll get back to playing soon” He gave the infant a rock to enjoy before closing the lid once more.

Zarcal, CO

Now normally Brenna would be all doe eyed and sappy about the sweet little Rhyolite being on the bridge but the seriousness of the situation only made her heart ache thinking about all those parents who weren’t going to see their children again. She did smile slightly as the captain murmured to his son. The sling was an amazing piece of nursery engineering. And like always Brenna had several geological treats stashed in pockets herself, but currently forgotten. “Well Captain, NE Chuckles up there decided to tell one of his amusing stories and got carried away again, and he hit the torpedo launch button and before we could have it self destruct it hit that asteroid right there. There was a clear sign, ‘Sacred Relic of the Ouzenge … Children’s Practice in Session.’ The asteroid is gone. We are scanning for survivors.” Brenna turned at the tale tell whistle of an incoming hail.

Then the ship was being hailed …

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“And we are being hailed.” She nodded toward the comm officer with a deep breath, “On screen.”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Zarcal stood there with his mouth agape. Now no one would be able to tell that but his jaw was still slack nonetheless. He turned to Brenna and said, “Lieutenant Commander may I ask you to take charge of Rhyolite? We will have a conversation later. Right now I need to address the multitude of errors that I didn’t think needed to be discussed outside of a middle school level course on how not to run a ship…” He opened the lid to the carrier and whispered, “Alright Rhyolite, daddy has to yell at a lot of people over some very stupid errors ok buddy? Ms. Breena is going to take good care of you and I’ll see you in a bit.” He closed the lid as the little Horta gurgled and cooed back. He pulled the sling off of his torso and handed it to his COP. He took in a deep breath of fluorine and exhaled back into his mask before saying “So it seems there is a distinct lack of… well I was going to say common sense but I mean really any sense on this bridge. Let me list the ways. One, we have torpedos loaded. Second they are armed. Third they are primed. Forth you had a target laid in. Like really these things don’t fire unless you have a target! Five Chuckles is just sitting at the weapons console. WHY IS HE SITTING AT THE WEAPONS CONSOLE! We’re deep in federation space without any need to have points 1-4 at the ready, yet with that he’s just SITTING THERE! SIX” Zarcal started, fuming under the mask and anyone would be able to see his anger as a faint tint of red flashed across the black lenses. “What alert level are we at? Can anyone tell me? WE’RE NOT AT AN ALERT LEVEL! We’re in standby! We’re just flying to Black Rock! SEVEN! I will say this, and I can’t believe I have to emphasize this again, WHY WERE WE ARMED!”

Zarcal, CO

“The device that Ensign Chuckles had in his hand at the time he hit the fire button interacted with the console and chose the target, sir. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened as well.” Lt. Burcham responded to the captain. “Ensign Chuckles, what is that device?” he turned and asked the ensign.
Lt. Burcham, CoS.

Valentina came onto the bridge as the CO was finishing his seven point rant. She heard the part about alert level not being one and about being armed. A frown creased her brow as Burcham turned to Chuckles to ask about some device.

Moving up beside the CO, she bit her lip a moment before turning to the man she hadn’t formally met yet. “Sir… what happened? I thought we were heading for Black Rock. Was there an explosion nearby?” She glanced out the view screen to the exploded asteroid. She then noticed the hail and shook her head. Something was dreadfully wrong here.

Cmdr Valentina Bellini
XO (with no fur baby (or rock baby))

He turned to his XO and said, “Valentina I’m not sure exactly what happened but we should be on our way to Black Rock yes.... I should be with my newborn and it should have been a rather uneventful trip. I’m alerted that there has been an ‘incident’ and I arrive on the bridge to find that we’ve blow up a whole host of children....” Zarcal snarled under his mask, the effect was somewhat dulled by the metal plating.

Zarcal, CO

Valentina’s growl was audible, despite being low and deep in her chest. “Children?!” Her head shook slowly as she fought her anger and sadness in one blow. “How is it that a ship outfitted with tons of primary, secondary and tertiary measures of safety accidentally blows up children?” Another thought suddenly occurred to her as she sighed and looked at the Captain. “The parents and planet the children belonged to will want answers. I cannot see us giving up the person who is responsible, regardless of what happened. The question is, do we blame our tech as having malfunctioned? Or do we tell the truth, and then hope that our response of ‘we will handle the punishment’ is sufficient not to start an interstellar war?”

It wasn’t a pleasant thought. But it was one that needed addressing.


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