Party Planning in Space: Music (Tag CMO medical)

Posted April 20, 2021, 4:08 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP)) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Andromeda DeLion (Chief of Keeping Our Bodies Healthy (CMO)) in Party Planning in Space: Music (Tag CMO medical)

The time of the party was quickly approaching and so Brenna was making the rounds of the departments to see how they were progressing with their plans. She entered sickbay and tagged an NE, “Who is in charge of your party preparations?”

Focus: Beings without ears can still experience sound, and you know just the right tones to use, whether it’s vibrating bass or gentle nails on a chalkboard.

Possible Species: Zaldan, Vulcan, Trill, Tellarite, Romulan, Risa, Alpha Century, Xindi (primate, arboreal, reptilian, insectoid, aquatic), Betazed, Coridan, Barzan, Andorian, Arcadians, Ariolo, Bzzit Khaht, Caitians, Deltans, Grazerites, Kasheeta, Xelatian, Ferengi, Zaranite
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

“Doctor DeLion.” The NE pointed towards Andromeda’s office. “She should be in there.”

Breena walked over to the office door, ordering Greki to stay in a corner of the waiting area. He’d been whinny and clingy the last few days, and so she’d decided to let the husky walk with her on her rounds. She knocked on the frame for DeLion’s door. “Hello Dr. DeLion. I came to check in on the party preparations.”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda opened the door, blinking up at Breena. “Party, party, party, uh… Right, NE Dorer is in charge of research, they roped NE’s Fal, Kop, and Roid into listening to as many forms of opera as they can. So far, most filters interpret Klingon opera as melodious, so we might just go with that.” Andromeda paused, realizing they were standing in her office doorway. “You can come in.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna entered and sat down, listing names and notes on her PaDD as she did so. “Klingon opera really does appeal to everyone. But I have just gotten word from the Saurian delegation.” She tapped her PaDD and a file appeared on DeLion’s computer. “This music, and I use the term loosely, should be played during the actual molting, but other than that they are eager to hear the music we have selected for the rest of the event.”
Lt. Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda sighed. “Bleeding ears in the name of diplomacy. Sounds great. I’ll mark it down.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna grinned. “It’s not too bad, but I wouldn’t call it music, more like slightly irritating white noise. So what can I do to help?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda hummed, not even realizing it was to the tune of the famous Klingon Opera Honorable to the End. “NE Roid mentioned something about mixtapes, but I don’t know if they need anything for that.”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Brenna didn’t recognize the tune but figured it must be something that DeLion had been listening to. “Ah then I shall see if I can help with that.” Brenna left DeLion to her work and went and found NE Roid and after a brief discussion put in the order for the ‘mixtapes’ and a player and had them delivered to NE Roid when they were ready.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

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