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Posted April 29, 2021, 1:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Eleyr of House Em'ujo (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant Andromeda DeLion (Chief of Keeping Our Bodies Healthy (CMO)) in A simple courtesy (Tag CNS)
Andromeda pressed the chime on the counseling office with an almost imperceptible grin on her face. She held a black bag, a welcome aboard gift for the new counselor. With four counselors in recent times, this was the one she was most excited for, even if the Klingon woman was bound to tower over her.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Eleyr’s doors parted, not with a schliiik but roar– “You vile, ignoble eight-legged fiend!” A shoe hurled past Andromeda’s head, clapping against the opposite wall with a terrible bonk! But it was no match for the scene within.

A massive, fire-eyed Klingon crouched atop her chair, fingers locked around a regulation boot and shoulders wide in a ‘power stance’. She eyed a wooden crate not two metres away, a vein pulsating at her temple as she awaited the moment to pounce. If Andromeda peered closely, she might notice the black speck of a jumping spider mimicking Eleyr with its feeble little legs. Klingons didn’t appreciate such mockery.

“You bring dishonour to your family,” Eleyr growled and edged closer. The spider took its chance and flung itself from the crate. “ARGH!!” Her howl pierced the air in violent stride, a flurry of arms and incessant wacks devastating what semblance of peace remained. A meagre standoff had turned to war. Now, it was Klingon vs. Spider.

And the spider was winning.

“Get off of me or perish!” Eleyr growled, a final blow throwing the spider from her shoulder. She flung around, eyes narrowed in search of her adversary, but it was nowhere to be found in the sea of dark shades that consumed her office. “That’s what I thought,” she huffed. Straightening her stance, Eleyr tugged at her uniform and proudly turned to face the door.. only to find a witness to their war. But if the Klingon was chagrinned, it wasn’t evident in her large, toothy grin.

“Ah,” Eleyr extended her arms, “welcome to my cave. I trust you enjoyed the show?”

– Lt. Eleyr, CNS

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