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The 2O looked at the Chief Engineer and explained. “There is someone, alive and awake in there, we want to get him out without putting anyone at risk or blowing something up.”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Getting back into the swing of things after a much needed paternity break he had Rhyolite on his back and thankfully the carrier had it’s own lift system meaning that the Zaranite didn’t break his back trying to haul around a small gurgling boulder. He was on the bridge and figured he’d check in with his staff but didn’t want to interrupt. He pulled up his PaDD and typed a command that would show the location of each crew member based on badge location. Who doesn’t like a starship based tracking system with interactive 3d models! He noticed that in Transporter Room 1 that many of his senior staff were gathered and given that the usual hangout was the speakeasy that the Tony’s ran on Deck 45 behind cargo bay 2 that Zarcal definitely didn’t know about, he figured something was afoot. He tapped his badge, =/\=Zarcal to Atoded, what’s going on in the transporter room? =/\=

Zarcal, CO

=^=Atoded here captain. We’ve picked up what appears to be a bio-stasis chamber. There is an occupant and oddly enough he…it…is awake inside. Medical and engineering are trying to determine how and if it is safe to open.=^=
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Taking the hardcase pack down from his back and laying it on the transporter pad, Teebo glanced up at the electronically-festooned monstrosity with what could only be a glare of disdain. Whoever in the hot sun slapped this thing together had a penchant for overkill. Even a thorough pass of his tricorder revealed the maze of wires and circuits wending and backtracking beneath the casing. If he hadn’t known better, the keb was prone to assuming the capsule was meant to keep the occupant in. This thought was echoed by a discreet but audible hum from Pit.

“Atmosphere’s comparable to our own,” the AI reported solemnly as Teebo cracked his toolcase open and got to work, “if a mite bit stale. Seems the poor fellow inside’s been there for a spell. Probably be eager for a breath of fresh, I’d wager. Can’t determine much from this archaic heap, so we’d recommend a Level Two security field until the doc can clear him for pathogens and the like. With all this shielding, scrubbers might’ve missed something.”

Brenna nodded, “Computer level two biological and security field around the pod.” She glanced at Lt. Burcham to see if he wanted any further precautions. If so she initialized those as well.

Helena stepped back to allow the fields to initialize and then continued with her scans.

With a grunt, the keb wrenched a corroded panel free with a hollow clang, gurgled his professional disgust as more wiring spilled out. He was undaunted, however, and did his best to untangle the mess before him.
—Teebo, Chief Engineer—

Teebo would have not inconsiderable difficultly navigating the wires and buttons. This system was old. Eventually the hatch did open and there stood a man, well over six feet tall, dressed all in grey, wearing a hockey mask. He didn’t move, speak, or seem to really be alive. He just… existed. There was something ominous about him, something reminiscent of eerie nights at creepy summer camps.


Brenna stepped forward, despite her comparatively short height, there was an air of confidence about her. “You are on the Starship USS Constellation. I am Lt Cmdr Atoded, second officer. This is our chief medical officer Lt. DeLion and her assistant Lt Laursen. Lt Teebo our chief engineer, and Lt. Burcham our head of security.” She motioned to each in turn. Geri and Fekri weren’t too keen on the individual with the hockey mask. “Can you tell us who you are?”
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Helena looked at the man and had to look up just a bit from her 6‘2” in height. “Well aren’t you a strapping lad, then. You’d catch a girl easier if you took that mask off.” She took in the demeanor and felt the ominous aura about him. “Hmmm I bet you have been the cause of many a young couple running and hiding alone together, haven’t you.” She continued to ramble is such a fashion as she took the probe from her tricorder and began to scan him for any illness or injury.
Lt jg Laursen, fertility specialist

Teebo muttered to himself as the air nearby crackled to life and the security field divided him from the archaic contraption. It was probably for the best; he didn’t want to be responsible for the thing falling apart from age… or exploding. Closing up his toolkit and slinging it back over his shoulder, he looked around. The keb made an inquisitive croak.

“Anything else needs cracked open whilst we’re about?” Pit interpreted.
—Teebo, Chief Engineer—

“Not that I can see Chief, but if you wouldn’t mind staying a bit longer just incase something crops up.” She looked at the doctors and their patient waiting for their assessment. Once the patient was out of the transporter room she would have Burcham and Teebo go over the pod from a security and engineering point of view. If this person was not an innocent victim then she wanted to know how it had kept him contained. Or if it was simply space that stopped him from getting out. Ship’s safety and all that. Give the occupant the benefit of the doubt, but prepare for the worst.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Teebo nodded, taking his toolpack and posting up by the door to watch their silent guest. Human, from what he could see, though the keb could taste an odd tang in the air. His choice of headgear intrigued the engineer. Some kind of respirator, perhaps? Ceremonial armor from a bygone era? It certainly looked worn enough, as if it had seen much use. After a moment of further study, Teebo shrugged and looked at his tricorder data. The diagnostics alone made him want to be sick. Who in the blinding heat designed that thing?!
—Teebo, Chief Engineer—

There was a sticker on the inside of the door panel, now visible. It read “Crystal Lake Research Facility”. The figure inside remained unmoving, though his eyes could be felt drifting to each person in the room.


Brenna took note of the sticker and the man’s visual inspection of them. Getting no response to her verbal questions she reached out with her telepathy/empathy to see if she could make contact and/or get answers that way.
Atoded, 2O

Inside the mind of this strange figure she could hear him wondering where he was, where mother was, and some part of his mind was consistently recalling violent and sadistic acts.


The first two thoughts didn’t surprise Brenna. If he had been floating around for awhile and in strange situations people looked for those that were familiar. It was the consistent, never seeming to end, memories of violent and sadistic acts this man had committed that sent waves of sickness through her. Long experience kept Brenna’s face neutral and her demeanor calm. She looked at Burcham catching his eye and shaking her head slightly. She found the man on the transporter pad a threat and she hoped he understood she wanted extreme caution.

Lt. Burcham, Ellie and 2 other security ensigns stood off to the corners of the room watching the events unfold. They did not have their phasers drawn, but had them at the ready in case they needed to stun the person.
Lt. Burcham, CoS.

The man was secure behind the force field for the moment. “Doctors, is he safe to move? If so go prepare an isolation area for him. We don’t want to accidently make him ill with some alien illness his body isn’t prepared for.” It was a good cover, but she wanted to make sure the man was not a threat before he was let around more people.
Brenna stepped forward towards him, meeting the man’s gaze, “We’re going to move you to our medical bay, and then we’ll talk.” She turned to Teebo, “Once he’s transferred I want to know everything about this unit and its purpose. Get with science too. I want to know where in space it has been, the course it travelled.”

She walked to the door motioning Burcham with her, but leaving Fekri and Geri to stand guard with the two security guards.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, 2O

Teebo croaked in surprise at the request, did a double take at his tricorder. Blistering sand, did the female not understand how utterly convoluted the capsule’s wiring was?! He clicked his vexation and began tapping keys carefully with a claw. The keb couldn’t immediately see any form of tracking or distress device amongst the engineering nightmare vomit they’d beamed aboard, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t one. Teebo hissed and purred thoughtfully to himself while he considered his options.

“The chief’s language notwithstanding, we conjure we can get it done,” Pit offered politely. “Could take him a spell to break her down, get a gander, but you all’ll have your hands full with Mr. Chatterbox in the meantime. If nothing pans out, maybe we can sidle up to astrometrics, get a bearing on where she came.”
—Teebo, Chief Engineer—

“Safe to move is one thing, stable is another,” Andromeda grumbled, scanning him again. =/\=DeLion to sickbay, set up a clean room and a round of booster shots.=/\=
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

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