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Andromeda floundered for a moment, then began hesitantly. “I started helping out in Sickbay as a little kid. I grew up on a cargo freighter, so we never had enough. Enough business, enough hands, enough equipment… My stepdad was the ship’s doctor, and he taught me how to jury-rig just about any piece of equipment you can find in a Starfleet sickbay.” She was proud of that, no matter how much she hated that he’d had to do it. “We would go down planetside sometimes, just the two of us, when colonies had broken medical equipment or their doctor had died and they were waiting on a new one.”

Eleyr tipped forward, resting her arms loosely about her legs. Admiration flickered through her hostile gaze, but it never made it to her tongue. Furrowing her eyebrows, she occasionally bobbed her head and listened. Hesitation melted like wax to a flame. Sparks of passion, pride, and venom licked at the air around them. The distance between them was short, but Eleyr felt its energy swell as though she wavered centimetres from it. Something was about to resurface.

“I… I went down on my own once, when I was 21. There was an earthquake while I was there, knocked out communications, messed up transport, and destroyed the only clinic, with the doctor still inside.” Andromeda was starting to seem far away, as though she was looking at the scene rather than describing it. “I had the two nurses, and the three of us made our way through the whole disaster. 539 people were in that colony before I arrived, 462 were still alive when Starfleet showed up a week later.” She laughed bitterly. “Their CMO called it a testament to my endurance and creativity. Said I was resourceful, and Starfleet material. I went to the Academy fourteen years later on his recommendation.” She’d been a decade older than her classmates, and the only human that didn’t speak standard as a first language. “So here I am,” She finished awkwardly, having just gotten into the swing of talking when her story was over.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Eleyr sat witness to the distance that consumed Andromeda. It seemed to wiggle and writhe, transporting her from Constellation to that colony harrowed by disaster and deprivation. She knew nothing of the incident. But she watched the way emotions flashed across DeLion’s face, dampening and kindling her aura until it all came to an unwieldy close. “How patronising,” Eleyr spoke candidly, her words laced not with poison but mangled empathy. “To be deemed ‘resourceful’ and ‘creative’, when you and your team single-handedly preserved the lives of 462 people. Without supplies nor sufficient support, that wasn’t simply creative nor resourceful – it was honourable.”

Andromeda snorted. “There’s nothing honorable in failure,” she muttered, averting her gaze.

“What delayed your decision to apply to the Academy?” Eleyr’s tone softened (as much as a Klingon’s could), as she tugged the PaDD from the nearby table.

— Eleyr, (a somewhat opinionated) CNS

Andromeda sighed, seeming to sag. “You can’t be a doctor on a ship that’s been retired. The systems were old, the people were old… They just picked a planet to settle on and I couldn’t bear being stuck on the ground in one place. Paul could tell I wasn’t satisfied, even though I pretended I was.” She scowled suddenly, mock offended. “He sent in an application for me, can you believe it? Nominated me as his student!” Her face smoothed before she spoke again. “I was so happy when he told me I could leave.”
-Andromeda DeLion

Eleyr’s bushy eyebrows crept dangerously close to her hairline but lost their mojo after a few tedious milliseconds. Tempted to ask about the influence of Andromeda’s life on her Starfleet experience, but another question stole her tongue. “Have you stayed in contact with Paul, or anyone from the ship?”

— Eleyr, CNS

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