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Richard walked into the medical bay whistling to himself and glanced at the nurse at the desk as he came back into reality. He raised his palm, “Hello Nurse, there is no need to get up. I know what to do and where to go.” He smiled at her and made his way into the medical bay. He sat down on one of the biobeds and patiently awaited the Chief Medical Officer to arrive for his boarding physical. Richard did not enjoy going to the doctor due to his fear of needles. He had high hopes that the Doctor would not draw any blood this time, but it was unlikely that he would get by. He wished he had Brenna there to help him take his mind off of the his impending doom. Aside from that, he was healthy as an ox and hoped that everything would go well during his medical examination.

  • Lieutenant Commander Marsh, XO

Brenna was intel which meant she was a light sleeper. She knew when Richard left, but she was off duty for the next several days, so she did a very good impression of still being asleep, which meant she’d rolled over pulled the blanket over her head and fallen back asleep. But about 30 minutes later her sleep was interrupted by a very strong feeling of near panic and a gut churning, nausea inducing fear. She sat up recognizing immediately it wasn’t her own, but Richard’s. From several decks away he would hear, ‘Richard, what’s wrong? What’s going on?’ There were no alerts and no other sense of fear coming from else where on the ship. And then she realized what it was. ‘You have Fenris with you, if you let him, he’ll help. Do you need me to come? I will.’ Phobias were no joke and nothing to laugh at. Often they had no concrete event that triggered them and there was no logic to them. ‘Never mind, I’m coming.’ A replicator request for fresh clothes and a quick braid of her hair, and a few moments later, Brenna was walking through the door. A quick flick of her hand and Fenris was on the biobed, drapped across his lap. The dogs 56 lbs providing deep pressure.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Richard turned his head in the direction of Brenna as she entered sickbay and then braced for Fenris jumping onto his lap. He tilted his head slightly, “Brenna, it is good to see you again. What brings you to sickbay?” He raised an eyebrow clearly playing dumb. He glanced down, pet Fenris casually, and even scratched behind his ears, “Did this big guy miss me?” He winked at Fenris, “It is good to see you once again boy. I missed you.” Richard had a phobia of needles and was trying to hide it from the rest of the world if possible. Of course, Brenna could read him like a book and knew the actual truth. Richard added, “But you can definitely stay for the exam. It does not even come close to bothering me. Not one single bit at all. I feel so comfortable and relaxed right now.” His voice full of fake confidence along with the dismissal of fear to appear brave and fearless.

Fenris rumbled low in his throat, as sound only heard to other animals, too low in the audio range for humans but it alerted Geri and Fekri of something wrong. Brenna picked up on their changed alertness, and being telepathic and knowing Richard so well she knew why the dogs were on edge. “Yes Fenris was very upset. He’s a working dog and was agitated when you didn’t take him to work with you. He’s well behaved and you can take him anywhere.” Brenna knew it was the idea of needles, but didn’t know where the intense panic and fear came from. Richard didn’t used to be afraid of them, something had happened, a HUGE something. Fenris slowly licked at Richard’s hand and then nosed his head under his hand to get hi to focus on petting him.

Andromeda walked in, scowling slightly. “The nurse is supposed to check you in, she’s there for a reason.” She pulled out a PADD regardless, ready to find her newest patient’s medical file. “Andromeda DeLion. You are?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Richard had a sincere expression come across his face when Andromenda entered, “Ah, Doctor, I apologize for my actions. I have had much on my mind and I totally blew by the nurse. I am Commander Marsh, the Executive Officer here. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He tapped his fingers on the biobed nervously as he talked, “So, I am here for my boarding physical. Shall we begin?”

  • Lieutenant Commander Marsh, XO

Richard, I know you can hear me. Mouse heart listen to me. And in his mind he would hear Brenna voice, telling stories, distracting him just a little. He didn’t need to appear daft when Andromeda did her exam. Brenna would go in and stay with him, but he hadn’t asked her to and she respected that Andromeda wouldn’t allow her to just barge in that way. So from her spot by the entry doors she spoke to him.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP

Andromeda glanced back to Brenna and waved her further inside. She didn’t offer a reason, but she had enough experience to recognize something was going on. “It’s fine, just check in with her if you end up coming back. Any major changes, missing vaccinations, or limbs spontaneously replaced with those of another crew member?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Richard turned his head towards Brenna and presented her with an expression of surprise raising an eyebrow, “Ah, are we having a co-ed appointment here together? Are those approved now? Is there a new policy that applies to boarding physicals? Or is it a group session two for one deal where the Doctor has the opportunity to knock out two separate appointments in one visit?” He grinned as he played it cool in the situation and turned to Andromeda as his eyes darted to meet her gaze. He presented Andromeda with false sense of confidence, “No major changes at all. I have had all of my vaccinations and am as healthy an an ox Doctor. I appreciate the medical follow up.” He then pondered the situation for just a moment, “Well this has been quite an appointment.” He casually rose to his feet and questioned the good Doctor, “With that, I assume that I am all cleared for duty and can move along right off to duty now? Unless you had any further questions of course.” A smile spread across his lips as he awaited her reply.

  • Lieutenant Commander Marsh, XO

Brenna raised a brow and shook her head with a slight grin. “Afraid not, Cmdr. I’m here to check up on Mirach.” Brenna pointed toward a yellow squirrel monkey intently watching Dr. DeLion. “He seems to be settling in well, Dr. Any problems I should know about? He seems very content in the environment.” As Richard rose to his feet, Fenris was unceremoniously dumped to his own feet as he slid off Richard’s lap which seemed to be an invitation to Geri and Fekri to go say hi. A low quick whistle from Brenna and a flick of her wrist had the dogs moving out of the way and sitting down near the wall. Richard…at least let her finish her scan.

Lt Atoded, CoP

Andromeda waved Richard back onto the biobed, rolling her eyes. “It’s not done till the scan is done.” She had enough experience to recognize the false levity for what it truly was, and enough practice to put it aside. “Mirach is good. He’s learning how to hand me things, although he still gets a little confused.” The little monkey had some learning to do, but he was proving far more useful than she had expected.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Richard sighed and reluctantly sat back down on the biobed comfortably, “Alright, feel free to continue Doctor.” He relaxed and felt better knowing that he was just getting scanned for today. The fact that his blood may in fact not be drawn today made him feel quite relieved at this point. Exposure to needles did not tend to have such a great track record in the past when he was involved with them in any way. He looked to Brenna as he provided her with a look and tone of disbelief that only she would recognize, “Ah, yes of course. You came to check on Mirach. Now why did I not think of that, right.” His eyes then immediately darted to the Doctor’s as they made full eye contact, “How long have you served aboard the Constellation Doctor?”

Marsh, XO

Brenna approached Mirach directly. The monkey should still be fairly familiar with her and not baulk. However, Brenna was careful to make sure that she didn’t startle her, especially since she was watching DeLion so closely. She interacted with Mirach briefly just to make sure there were no obvious behavior or adjustment issues and then returned to where the dogs were sitting and waiting.

Atoded, CoP

Andromeda subtly pressed the biobed scanners, starting the process soundlessly. “Half a year on the Constellation. I was on a Medical cruiser first, but all the young’uns there were driving me crazy. You can only have so many 24-year-old doctors in one place.” She rolled her eyes dramatically and leaned into the accent, trusting it to give her a certain amount of comedic effect. “What were you doing before this?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

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