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Helena walked with Dr DeLion, Lt Burcham, the security NEs, and the three dogs back to sickbay. Helena liked the dogs. So cute and took their work very seriously. It. Was. Adorable! OH Puppies! They needed more PUPPIES. She needed to talk to the animal lady later.

Entering sickbay Helena went in like a whirlwind collecting nurses and medics and soon they had their new patient settled onto the primary biobed. Helena activated the monitors and raised the sensor cluster over the man. She set the monitors and sensors to begin scanning the man for basic vital signs, bacteria, viruses, other biocontaminants, and scanning his body for older injuries healed, repaired, or otherwise.

She pulled out a blanket, “Are you cold dear? Would you like a blanket while Dr. DeLion takes a look at you?”

Lt. Laursen, Medical/Fertility Specialist

The figure stared at her, with obvious menace behind its mask. Scans revealed strange vital signs. He appeared human, but his heart rate was incredibly slow and his body temperature was only 60 degrees Fahrenheit. He should’ve been dead, but somehow he was just a curiosity.


Andromeda sighed quietly, then nodded to Helena. “We’ll run a DNA test and cross-reference his genetics.” He seemed to be hibernating, like an amphibian or reptile might. “I’d like to remove the mask, is that alright with you?” She questioned her newest patient.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

He didn’t move, but he seemed hostile to the idea.

Testing his DNA found no modern descendants. Whoever he was, he had no direct descendants and no siblings to have descendants.


Helena shook her head. No family, no wonder the poor dear was so upset. All this time and he hadn’t passed on his genetics, had any children. Well that was enough to make anyone grumpy. Helena took note of the body temperature and pulled out a thermal blanket and set it over him. “Dr. DeLion should we give him some Chloromide to stimulate his heart to speed up some? Help him come out of this hibernation like state he is in?” Helena smiled down at the man. “Now, my dear, I’m going to take that mask off. You can have it back once we are done making sure you are okay. Now if it’s a cultural thing just blink twice and I’ll just lift up the edge so I can scan underneath and make sure there are no sores or wounds. I don’t even have to look. Now blink once for yes and twice for no, for taking it off.”

Lt. Laursen, Med/Fertility Specialist

The figure blinked twice. Oddly cooperative of him. Must’ve been hibernation sickness.


Helena nodded, “Alright so, then just a quick scan. I will be very careful.” Keeping her eyes, as promised, focused on the far wall she lifted the top edge of the mask very slightly, careful of any resistance incase it was literally stuck to him. She angled the probe to get a better reading and then repeated the process at the bottom of the mask. “All done then, see that wasn’t too horrible, I hope.” She replaced the probe to her tricorder and looked at the results, at the same time putting them on the main screen for DeLion to see.

Lt Lauren, Med/Fertility Specialist

He reached up and grabbed where her arm had just been, missing her by only a second. Sly bugger for someone half frozen.


Helena tipped her head to the side, and then patted his arm in a very motherly fashion. “Do you need something lad? What can I do?”

Lt Lauren, Medical

Andromeda began increasing the heat on the biobed in small increments, allowing him to heat up slowly. “Usually we would, but with someone who’s been in cryo for so long, I’m wary of overtaxing him. We’ll heat him up naturally.” If his heart became more active and his vasoconstrictors were still cool, he may not be able to control blood flow, and the last thing she wanted to deal with was giving a frozen man POTS.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

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