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Posted Sept. 13, 2021, 11:45 a.m. by Lieutenant Eleyr of House Em'ujo (Chief of Keeping Our Brains Healthy (CNS)) (Trinity Fister)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Richard Marsh (Person Who Keeps The CO In Line (XO)) in Pre-Sim: Did I Blow Your Mind This Time? - (Tag CNS) Check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Richard Marsh (Person Who Keeps The CO In Line (XO)) in Pre-Sim: Did I Blow Your Mind This Time? - (Tag CNS) Check-in

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Richard Marsh (Person Who Keeps The CO In Line (XO)) in Pre-Sim: Did I Blow Your Mind This Time? - (Tag CNS) Check-in
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“Shy, are we?” Eleyr kidded, refusing to skip the bulk of his session. She stepped forward, carrying the gnarled stick to her chest and clasped both hands about its neck. “You know I can’t do that, Commander. So, let’s halt this bush beating and discuss all your woes and deepest sorrows.”

“Only then can we promote this spar to a proper duel for all your crew to see!” She grinned, stepping closer to him in what could be interpreted as little sense of boundaries or respect. Distance in a duel, after all, was an insult. “Unless you prefer to submit your heart and warrior spirit to the arena?”

— Eleyr, CNS

Richard raised an eyebrow, he was not shy at all. What was this crazy Klingon counselor talking about? He thought carefully about what he would say to her in response. He sighed and placed his hands on his thighs, “I am not shy, but I am not the best with expressing myself to random folks who I have just met.”

“Mmm… is that not the purpose of coming to a counsellor? To relinquish your woes to ears removed from your troubles?”

He tilted he head slightly, “I would prefer a duel together, but it seems like you are avoiding combat with me. Are you a soft Klingon?”

Eleyr narrowed her eyes to small slits, her lip curled in the makings of a scowl.

He grinned at Eleyr, “I definitely will bring the thunder to the arena, but I will not be the one submitting. I can assure you of that.”

“A true warrior does not boast his skill, Commander.”

He laughed as he had challenged her for fun, “No hard feelings Lieutenant, but I’ve got the skills.” He winked at her and smiled.

  • Lieutenant Commander Marsh, XO

Furore coursed through her veins, sparking her muscles with a rush of adrenaline. Eleyr had yielded Richard the liberty and respect to initiate battle, but he’d since renounced that right to her.

She stepped back, balancing her weight on the ball of her left foot and swung the stick firmly into her palm. A quick gesture released it toward him, her force hampered by the nature of their duel, but her precision unscathed…

— Eleyr, CNS

And in that precise moment, without a second delay, a meek whisper flittered into the XO’s quarters. It was En Chatti Cathy. Yes, with an ‘i’.

“Psssst!” It said. “Brenna, you there?”

Halting to await her answer, it continued.

Brenna perked up from where she was dealing with dog damaged property. “Cathy? What’s up?” This woman was a veritable treasure trove of gossip around the ship. Brenna loved her.

“Marshy’s about to duel the Klingon. You’d better bring some popcorn.. oh, and maybe a stick?” Another pause as an ARGH!! erupted from behind them. “Definitely a stick. A big one.”

– Ensign Chatti Cathy

=^=Thanks Cathy, I’ll check it out.=^= Brenna moved over to the computer console and after entering some very complicated clearance codes she had access to the video feed. OH! That was gonna hurt. She quickly got a very large bowl of popcorn and soda from the replicator. “Oh really, Rich? You’re gonna brag to a Klingon? Didn’t you learn your lesson at that dive bar in San Fran sophomore year?” She took a handful of popcorn and started munching on it as she watched.
Lt Cmdr Atoded, CoP (hoping for a good show)

Richard raised his stick upward diagonally to parry Eleyr’s powerful and precise blow. He grit his teeth and bent his legs to help him absorb the immense energy from the strong Klingon woman, “Remind me to add you to my away team Lieutenant.” He raised his stick over his head angling it downward diagonally behind his shoulder. His legs were positioned shoulder width a apart as he stared down the competition. He fell back on an old 20th century feature that he has watched in the past referred to as Star Wars, “Good....Good....Let the hate flow through you Counselor.” He winked at Eleyr, “You know, this feels great. Let the blood flow and have a solid discussion. Now, what was your first question for me again?” He then stepped towards her and struck downward diagonally towards her left shoulder with a powerful blow to continue the physical and mental exercise for this unique counseling session.

  • Lieutenant Commander Marsh, XO

“I’m counting on it,” her voice was eerily calm for a woman in battle; it droned out the fervour infecting every fibre of her being and masked the temper in her eyes with some skewed guise of clemency. She furrowed her brows, perplexed by his cinematic performance. What was this human doing? Throw in some robes and she would’ve sworn he was some space mage.

“What…” she rolled her shoulder back, turning her opposite elbow outward to his impending blow. It slammed into her bicep. Pushing her weight onto the back leg, she drew in her shoulders and twisted at the hip to lower her shot. Knees bent ever-so-slightly, she propelled her stick toward his knees in the trip from crouching to standing. “…brought you to Starfleet?”

— Eleyr, CNS

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Richard bent his knees comfortably in an effort for him to maintain proper stability from the after effects of Eleyr’s powerful blow. He angled his stick downward diagonally as he intercepted and successfully parried her valiant attack. He used the momentum of her blow to showboat as he spun around in a full circle and raised the hilt of his stick above his head, “Close but not quite Counselor!” He grinned at her and then pondered for a moment as he closed the distance between them as he approached her. After careful reflection Richard replied, “I joined Starfleet because I am a natural explorer and have the desire to travel the stars. Not to mention that it provided me with a top notch education and a plethora of opportunities for continued development in my chosen career field of Security. How about yourself?” He then struck downward diagonally towards Eleyr’s shoulder with a powerful chopping motion in his wrists all while gritting his teeth. He was clearly passionate about his spars, but he kind of wished he was holding an actual lightsaber at the time. That he would have to save for the holodeck in the future, what a great idea! He did love his ancient Star Wars film nights, it still held its own after 400 years after all. He would definitely have to introduce Brenna to Star Wars one day.

  • Marsh, XO

“I’m just getting started,” Eleyr taunted through sharpened teeth curved into a grin. Loosening her stance, she readjusted her grip and stepped back. Her gaze darted–deceivingly erratic–to his small, apparently trifling movements. She knew one insignificant move would cost her the battle. And she would not allow it. Not today. “Did you prepare that on your way over?” Eleyr feigned disinterested to urge him into exposing more. “What motivates you, Commander?” She felt a swash of air flounder toward her, effectively signalling his impending attack. She tended into her back leg and caught the end of his chop-style strike with her stick, but the blow disoriented her for a brief second. Dropping slightly, she thrust her weapon from defence and toward his abdomen. “Starfleet fights numerous battles, without, around and within; Klingons focus only on the tangible.” She revealed just enough to answer his question. “I do not contend with such binaries.”

— Eleyr, CNS

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