Mess Hall -everyone welcome- (TAG Ch'otok Klrin.)

Posted Oct. 2, 2021, 7:16 p.m. by Lieutenant Andromeda DeLion (Chief of Keeping Our Bodies Healthy (CMO)) (Leonora V)

Posted by Civilian Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome- (TAG Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Andromeda DeLion (Chief of Keeping Our Bodies Healthy (CMO)) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome- (TAG Medical)

Posted by Civilian Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome- (TAG Medical)
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“Ok. Follow me. I know exactly where sickbay is.” As he took her to sickbay and sat her on a bio bed.

Lt. Slayer

The woman followed along just slightly behind him. Confusion showing on her face, but her senses missing nothing. Once entering sickbay she moved over to the biobed, but hesitated, only a fraction of second, before sitting down. The biobed made her edgy, nervous, setting of internal warnings, and she didn’t know why. But she fought with the overwhelming need to run, to get off that biobed and escape, taking a few of the medical staff out along the way…but she sat, outwardly looking extremely calm.

Cassandra Klrin

Andromeda emerged from her office, having been notified by concerned ensigns in the mess hall. “Slayer. Ms. Klrin. What seems to be the problem?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

She looked at the woman, a Lt in medical blue, coming out of what she assumed was the CMOs office. She called her Ms Klrin. Klrin…that was Ch’otok’s name. Why was she calling her that? If she was using that name, surely Ch’otok was on board somewhere. Were they on assignment for the admiral? What were they doing here. She had no memory of coming on board or who she was supposed to be. The confusion and disorientation was going to drown her in a tidal wave. She had an overwhelming need to ask where Ch’otok was. Not just a need it was a compulsion. She opened her mouth to ask, but by strength of will alone she bit back the words. Instead opting to sort of answer the question. “I’m afraid I became dizzy and disoriented. Lt Slayer was kind enough to show me how to get here.” Who was this woman? She had no memory of her face or her name. She searched her memory for the information, but all that did was create a knife splitting pain in her skull and that compulsion to ask, to beg for Ch’otok’s presence.

Cassandra Klrin

Andromeda paused, looking Cassandra over. “I’m Andromeda DeLion, the CMO. Cassandra, if I can call you Cassandra, did you hit your head recently?” The woman seemed twitchy and uncomfortable, so Andromeda started the biobeds scanners covertly, hoping for results before Cassandra bubbled over.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

She glanced at Slayer. Had she hit her head? Is that why he brought her to Sickbay?

Had she hit her head recently? She thought; she tried to recall. Smoke, fire, explosions, the ice frozen voice and the image of a woman, pain, incredible never ending pain… Outwardly she seemed calm, except for maybe her grip on the edge of the biobed. The scanners would show a woman who had severe physical damage over the years and some much more recently. The electrical impulses in the brain were erratic and unlike any normal readings of a Betazoid. There was horrendous damage to the paracortex.

Mentally she shied away from the pain and confusion, the disturbing images chased away by a throbbing headache. Cassandra blinked shaking her head gently. Again, that overwhelming compulsion to ask for Ch’otok. “I…I don’t remember. Maybe Ch’otok can tell you?”

bEng’wl where are you?!

Cassandra Klrin

Andromeda smiled gently at the taller woman. “I’ll call him, alright? You can come wait in my office.” Cassandra seemed disoriented already, and the busy surroundings couldn’t be helping. “Thank you for your help Lt. Slayer.” She tapped on her combadge and stepped slightly away from the biobed.

=/\=CMO to Captain Klrin, Cassandra is asking for you. We’ll be in my office. =/\=
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

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