Holodeck 2 - Concerns and Revelations (TAG Ch'otok and DeLion)

Posted Nov. 30, 2021, 6:18 p.m. by Civilian Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)) in Holodeck 2 - Concerns and Revelations (TAG Ch’otok and DeLion)

Posted by Civilian Cassandra Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Really Keeps the CO In Line (Wife)) in Holodeck 2 - Concerns and Revelations (TAG Ch’otok and DeLion)

Posted by Captain Ch’otok Klrin of House Ke’dass (Person Who Runs The Ship (CO)) in Holodeck 2 - Concerns and Revelations (TAG Ch’otok and DeLion)
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=/\=CMO to Captain Klrin, Cassandra is asking for you. We’ll be in my office. =/\=
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

=/\= On my way =/\= was all that the CO said before he, potentially justifiably, overreacted and initiated a site to site transport to the CMO’s office. “What’s going on?” He asked calmly, his face betraying his concern.

– Ch’otok, CO

Before she could feel any relief at hearing his familiar rumble, Ch’otok had appeared in a swirl of blue lights. His presence was instantly soothing to her. Well almost. She was too suspicious by half. Her telepathy was muddled from the inhibitor but his essence, his presence was amazingly familiar and reassuring. Everything was fine, he was there and he was going to make it alright. Cassandra started to tell him, but she wasn’t sure what was going on, and as she tried to remember there was pain, and she stopped trying. “I was in the lounge with Lt Slayer, but I don’t know why I was there, but he offered to bring me here.” She looked around, the medical bay wasn’t one she remembered. “Dr. DeLion asked if I had hit my head, but…” She looked at him from where she was sitting, the only real and stable thing around her, “but I don’t remember. I told her to ask you.”

Ch’otok looked at Cassandra and placed a hand gently on her shoulder. “It will be alright” he said simply in a calm yet authoritative tone. He knew she was recovering, and figured that there would be times that required his delicate attention.

She stared at him, willing herself to put the pieces together. Why couldn’t she remember. And that uniform looked ridiculous on her husband…husband how…yes she had a vague memory of vows being exchanged, and Ch’otok holding her hands in his, and then it slipped away…frustratingly away…it was like there was a dam in her mind that would only let small trickles of memory through. Had she hit her head, had she been injured? Ch’otok would know, he had to, he arrived far too quickly if everything was fine. It wasn’t fine…what was wrong with her!?

Cassandra Klrin

“I’m a little bit worried about psychic trauma, but there’s nothing special the biobed will do.” Mirach, Andromeda’s spider monkey, crawled up and sat on Cassandra’s leg. “I was thinking somewhere a bit more private could help, and we can talk easily in my office. Sound alright Cassandra, Captain?”
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

Psychic trauma?! Then, with Ch’otok standing there with her there was strong memory of a pointed eared, red haired, green eyed Vulcan. ‘Cas, it is the best way. The trauma is too severe to leave you without help. Ch’otok you should leave, it will be…disturbing.’ She felt two strong steady hands firmly grasp her shoulders. ‘I’m not leaving T’Jal. Help her.’ Cassandra was brought out of her reverie by a small weight on her lap and she looked at the monkey with surprise for a moment before things settled and she realized it must be one of Brenna’s animals. She patted the animal awkwardly before DeLion’s words struck her. Her office? Private, alone, in a doctor’s office? Another memory of a cold medical room, smelling stale and of fear, and two men’s faces. Ch’otok would feel the tension and sudden readiness leap through her where his hand rested on her shoulder. Her voice was cold and final, “No.”

“Doctor I’m more than happy to accommodate, I believe that it will be the best option to go to a safe neutral space. Perhaps medical offices aren’t the best option given the…shall we say…. Touchy nature of the injuries? How about we meet on Holodeck 2, I have an idea of what she might find calming, and should be a neutral space for everyone.”

“Course Cap’n. Fine by me.” Andromeda smiled broadly, holding her arm out for Mirach. She was more than willing to keep from messing around with psychic injuries.
-Andromeda DeLion, CMO

As he said this he wrapped an arm around Cassandra and headed to the holodeck with her quietly, comforting her along the way. He spoke up and said clearly, “Computer, initiate program Opaka-4” As the doors opened a replication of his bird of prey’s ready room came into existence. Instead of dark cold Klingon metal the room was a pale white with purple accents, the lighting a warm white to accompany.


His arm was reassuring and calming, and that made her more edgy. It wasn’t like her to be so…timid. What was wrong with her? But at the moment she was absolutely certain that she couldn’t trust herself either. She was confused and scared. That wasn’t like her. She placed her hand over his at her waist and squeezed twice in quick succession before he heard her voice in his head. But nothing came through, the effort to ‘speak’ to him was painful for her. In fact she would have stumbled except for his arm. She listened quietly to his reassurance. She’d be fine as long as she trusted him, and that was familiar.

The holodeck doors opened and she looked around. The Opaka this was home, well home when they weren’t on Delotha. A memory came to her of the two of them, several bottles of blood wine gone between them, sitting in this room, badly singing old ballads, and toasting acts of bravery that became more grandiose and absurd with each cup drank. She sat, placed securely between the arm of the couch and Ch’otok. She turned her head to look at him. “Ch’otok, why do I feel like I need a glass of red wine?”

Cassandra Klrin

Ch’otok let the ship’s holographic form sink in for both of them, a whirling mess of photons that created memories past. He ran his hand on the painted bulkhead, the many many missions they went on, the near death experiences by the dozen, all easily remembered and as quickly forgotten. He looked over towards Cassandra, waiting for the tension to ease slowly as he said, “My dear I think the occasion calls more for a white, and maybe a rosé if you’re feeling the need, but this isn’t the time for a red. It would be far too easy to make a mess with red.” He rose and headed to a cabinet to pull out a bottle of bloodwine, a rare variety made with the blood of an Andorian Ice Bear which specifically had a clear translucent blood to help make them against the snow of Andoria. It created an expensive, rare, but wonderfully potent white blood wine that was reserved for state parties and honors of the highest degree. That or for anyone that could afford it, and Lazol had acquired some for Ch’otok a while back. He opened the bottle, holographic of course as the real one was locked away safely in his quarters. He poured three glasses of wine and handed one to Cassandra with a quiet nod.


Cassandra watched in stillness as his hand ran across that same bulkhead like it always did. The action bringing back flashes of memories, some happy, some filled with relief, and one…here on the holodeck the bulk head missed the tale-tell sign of his bloody hand print. The flash of memory almost brought her to her feet, but the injury was old now, and long healed. She knew that, but there were fleeting feelings of anger and guilt and grief over it. Though try as she might she could not remember what had caused the injury. The room embodied so much, but why couldn’t she remember it all? She took the glass, knowing it was only for show, he would know she accepted his opinion on the matter. If Ch’otok thought it was a white wine type of situation then she had no choice but to trust him. She didn’t have enough information to decide otherwise.

She looked around the room again, so familiar. The endless missions, too many to count injuries, and the stories told in this room. Why weren’t they actually on the Opaka? More questions, more memories locked away, but with sudden clarity she knew Ch’otok had brought her here to this new ship…Constellation, they were on the Constellation, and he really was the captain. She watched as Ch’otok handed the third glass to the doctor. Really Cassandra had no issues with doctors in general, she just had some really bad experiences. And she didn’t know this one, but she had said something that made that deep burried part of her sit up and take notice, to go very very still, coiled, there were answers burried in Dr. DeLion’s question and she wanted them. She looked from Ch’otok to DeLion to and back. “What happened to me? Why do you think I’ve suffered a psychic trauma?”




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