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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Slayer (Chief of Figuring Out The Galaxy (CSO)) in Main Sim - Bridge (TAG Everyone)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Pets & 2nd Officer (COP)) in Main Sim - Bridge (TAG Everyone)
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“Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories.”
-Stephen Wright

It was a dark and stormy night… wait wrong notes

okay here we go.

All was quiet on the Constellation bridge. A little bit too quiet, and everyone was getting bored. As the various crew sat around, either working or playing tic-tac-toe, the ship drifted through space, carefree.

Then the phone, ahem the space phone rang and killed the fun.


Richard sat in his seat with his fist clenched along with his ocean blue eyes fixated on the screen as he appeared to be watching what would sound like a sporting event of some kind on his PADD, “Come on, come on, come on! Ugh.” He paused abruptly upon hearing the space phone and then one of the officers on the bridge acknowledge the communication as they stated, “Captain we are being hailed.” He sighed in response as he turned off his PADD, “Of course someone needs us. Must be because I am watching a close game that I bet heavily on. If my team was being blown out then I would have all of the time in the world. It figures, patch them through and lets see what the issue of the day is this time.”

  • Lieutenant Commander Richard Marsh, XO

The image of an old old old scientist filled the screen. “Hello? Is this thing on?” He turned and hollered to people offscreen “Good news everyone! I’ve managed to call for help.” He then returned to the call and said “Dreadful news. The Wernstrom Institute is in utter chaos and all the scientists are babbling like morons. More than usual. Now why did you call?”


Lt Cmdr Atoded appeared on the bridge sans dogs. Today it was only Luna, the blue Mini Rex rabbit, with her. Held draped over one arm as the chief of pets entered the bridge. She was coming to see how the animals and crew were doing all crammed together on the bridge. It was part of the research. Brenna wasn’t sure there was enough room to move if everyone brought their animal to the bridge, but luckily only a few of the crew actually had chosen working animals. Most of the crew wanted an actual pet for companionship. But checking up on them all was part of her duties, so there she was. She glanced at the flustered ancient scientist and then at Lt Cmdr Marsh. She had arrived in time to know that Connie had received a hail not the other way around. She leaned toward the XO and whispered, “Umm he did call you right?”

Atoded, CoP

Richard sighed as he observed the old scientist on the screen and then listened to Brenna’s soft voice in his ear before looking up at her from his chair, “Was their ever any doubt there?” He then looked back at the view screen, “We did not call you. You called us. Do you need assistance?” He quirked his eyebrow slightly awaiting the old man’s response. He strongly hoped that they would not have to get involved with this situation and get a get out of jail free card this time.

  • Marsh, XO

“Oh my…” the old scientist turned to whoever was offscreen again. “Did I call them? Oh dear… it seems my mind is starting to go as well. We do need assistance. Urgently. As long as we remember we need assistance…”


Richard leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms comfortably, “What kind of assistance do you require?”

  • Marsh, XO

“Assistance? Oh that’s most kind of you. Whoever you are. Please get here quick as you can. We’re all losing our memories… I think.”


Brenna raised a single Vulcan like brow and stood up moving out of sight of the screen and earshot of the intership’s comm. =^=Cpt Klrin to the bridge.=^=

Atoded, 2O

Ch’otok was doing whatever he was want to do at this hour. Whether it be the usual Klingon trope of battle practice in his off time, or a lovely glass of blood wine while trying to understand the ancient works of Dostoyevsky it was hard to tell. And while trying to understand the themes of alienation and relating them to his time on Delotha was cathartic and reflective, it wasn’t what he needed to be doing or where he needed to be. Setting down the book he tapped said out to the ether, “Understood”

Dressing in something more formal than the bathrobe and fuzzy targ slippers he was wearing at the time in seconds flat he made his way to the bridge and let out a sigh before saying, “Status report, who are we dealing with and how does this relate to late 19th century Imperial Russian novels?”

Ch’otok, CO

Brenna glanced at Richard and back at the captain. She was not familiar with the genre of 19th century Earth Russian novels or how this might be related. “We have received a call for help, Cpt.,” she replied as Marsh dealt with the addle brained man on the view screen.

Atoded, 2O

Richard said firmly, “Computer, mute the view screen.” He then looked to the Captain, “It looks like it is time for an away mission to help these folks find their lost memories. Who is coming with me on a field trip to the nursing home? I know Brenna is in for sure.”

  • Marsh, XO

An away team? Action, adventure, a mystery to solve? Yes Please! Breanna was skilled enough to stay calm, but inside she was bouncing. Time to get off the ship!

“Ch’otok smiled as he said, “I want all hand’s on deck. Burcham, Slayer, and DeLion should go with you. Secure the individuals and check for any medical anomalies while Slayer checks for anything out of the ordinary. I want Eleyr and myself to remain, hopefully help them to understand their current mental state once they’re onboard once your team has cleared them.


Brenna turned to the Helm, “How far are we from The Wernstrom Institute?”

Atoded, 2O

Richard turned his head on a swivel to meet Brenna’s gaze, “Oh yeah, that might help since we are out of transporter range. I was getting ahead of myself there and have been itching for an away mission. I need to shake off the rust.” He responded with a smile and chuckled whole heartedly as he stretched is arms out as to loosen himself up like an athlete preparing for a game.

  • Marsh, XO

From the direction of the helm they heard, “It’ll take about two hours to get there.”


Brenna nodded, that gave them a bit of time. “Cpt Klrin might I suggest that Lt Burcham, Lt DeLion, and Lt Eleyr have a pow wow of sorts? People who are having memory problems are easily confused and can lash out, out of fear and panic. It might be a good idea to let them collaborate before we get there. Lt Slayer can you get anything on sensors about anything environmental that might be going on? Perhaps search their database and see what experiments they might have been working on? Give yourself and medical a heads up before we arrive?”

At his nod, Brenna tapped her combadge, =/\=All Senior staff report to the bridge.=/\=

Two hours wasn’t a lot of time but it was a lot of time to waste when they could do a little information reconnaissance.

Atoded, 2O

Bumping for the Crew

Andromeda appeared on the bridge shortly after, having just left a minor surgery. “What’s going on? I finally get to go planetside?” She asked with a wink towards Brenna, remembering their chat about wanting to see planets when she first got Mirach.
-Andromeda, CMO

Brenna nodded with a smile to Andromeda. “We have been contacted by The Wernstrom Institute. We are two hours out. The man who contacted us for assistance says the scientists are acting strange and they are all loosing their memories. And then he forgot that he called us. We have two hours for medical counseling, and security to come up with a tentative plan on how to assist them.”

Atoded, 2O

The Lt. hears the convo and asks “commander what can the science team do? I can set it so my department can take a look at some of the side effects.” He said to the commander.

Lt. Slayer

Turning to the Lt, “Can you get anything on sensors about anything environmental that might be going on? Perhaps search their database and see what experiments they might have been working on? Give yourself and medical a heads up before we arrive?”

Atoded, 2O

“Yes of course commander. Running the sensors now. We have a good clear opening. Also searching their database and looking through it. What am I looking specifically?” He asked.

Lt. Slayer

“Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps Dr. DeLion can help you narrow your search.”

Atoded, 2O

“Of course commander. Dr. DeLion can you come and assist me?” He asked

Lt. Slayer

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