USS Europa

Commanding Officer's Notes

Captain Johann Dvorak

Some boxes just don't need updates.

I'm available in Discord as JoeP.

Executive Officer's Notes

Lt. Commander Avik

Available as Fallenreaper within Discord.

Welcome to the Europa and if you ever need to get in contact with me and I'm not on Discord, shoot me an Email.

Sim Update


The Europa was directed to investigate warp signatures detected at the location of a pre-warp civilization. Did they develop warp tech and start testing it or has the Prime Directive been broken? It's kind of important to find out. If warp tech was achieved by this civilization then proceed with First Contact protocols.

On route to investigate the warp signatures, the Europa came across an emergency beacon which in turn led to an emergency cryo pod. Beaming it aboard and investigating who was inside, it was discovered to be Shane Warwick. Why are they in this region of space? How has fate conspired to bring them back aboard the Europa? What trouble lies in store with the seemingly coincidental reunion?

Current Orders


Steven Leon Marsh

See what you can figure out; we don't have power to call you.


Cassidy Abrams

Keep everyone safe on the planet surface.


Seddk Vock

You should settle in...



Someone is joining us shortly...


Siennadye Nox

Do that first contact stuff...

Away Team


Avik, Nox, Marsh, Abrams

Miscellaneous Information

Spec: USS Europa (NCC-87125) is a Discovery-class Observer.

AWOL Limits:Temporarily, the Europa will be running at Medium speed (CO/XO/GM: 3 days, Department Heads: 5 days, Junior Officers: 7 Days.)

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Johann Dvorak CO Human 41 5'8 175 Joe P AWOL (15*)
Lieutenant Commander Avik XO Vulcan 46 5’6” 154.3 lbs/ 70 kg Janice B. OK (0)
Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh Chief Science Officer Human 28 6' 1" 182 Luke Hung AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Seddk Vock Chief Medical Officer Vulcan 44 6'5" 189 lbs James Sinclair AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Siennadye Nox Counselor Betazoid 33 5'5" 115 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams Chief of Security Human 36 5'10" 146 lbs Lindsay Bayes AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell Scientist Tenraith 37 6'0 148 lbs Lindsay Bayes OK (5)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Piper Grant Engineer Human Tyra Schroll AWOL (15*)
Gamemaster Creeping Dread Gamemaster Ancient One Matt Evans LOA 2022-01-28 (2)

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