USS Europa

Commanding Officer's Notes

Captain Johann Dvorak

Now all we need is a GM...

I'm available in Discord as JoeP.

Executive Officer's Notes

Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous

Welcome GM Tribble!

Sim Update

GM Demi Tribble - "Dead or Alive"

Having taken on new crew and supplies from Black Fleet HQ, Black Rock, the Europa is ordered to undertake a two year mission of discovery and research of an area of space referred to as the Copenhagen Expanse. A nice, quiet region of space. Despite being close to space controlled by the Federation, Cardassian, Ferengi, Tzenkethi, Talarian and Tholian governments, it is unclaimed and the quadrant superpowers choose to study its unusual properties in a spirit of scientific curiousity. What could possibly go wrong or cause excitement for the Europa in such an environment?

GM Characters
Ensign Barbara Wheeler: A June 2398 graduate of the Academy, Barbara (Barb to friends) served a tour of duty on Black Rock, but has now been transferred to the Europa for her next tour of duty. She is very excitable and is in the engineering department, specialising in geological engineering.

Current Orders


Steven Leon Marsh

Study something.


Cassidy Abrams

Secure something.


Seddk Vock

Heal something.


Mathys Ducote

Fix something.


Siennadye Nox

Sense something?

Away Team



Miscellaneous Information

Spec: USS Europa (NCC-87125) is a Discovery-class Observer.

AWOL Limits:Temporarily, the Europa will be running at Medium speed (CO/XO/GM: 3 days, Department Heads: 5 days, Junior Officers: 7 Days.)

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Johann Dvorak CO Human 44 5'8 175 Joe P AWOL (22)
Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous XO Human 32 5'5" 130 lbs Gavin Burkhardt AWOL (10*)
Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote Chief Engineer Human 33 5'9" 130 lbs Janice B. AWOL (5)
Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh Chief Science Officer Human 28 6' 1" 182 Luke Hung OK (3)
Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Siennadye Nox Counselor Betazoid 33 5'5" 115 lbs Amber DeSadier OK (2)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams Chief of Security Human 36 5'10" 146 lbs Lindsay B AWOL (11)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell Scientist Tenraith 37 6'0 148 lbs Lindsay B OK (5)
Ensign Dr. P'Mala Dawes Doctor Human/Vulcan 35 6'0 175 lbs Shaun Tee LOA 2023-03-29 (5)
Ensign Taban Seltok Brook Scientist Bajoran/Cardassian Hybrid 23 5'7" 119 lbs Amdirgol S OK (6)
Gamemaster Demi Tribble Gamemaster GM Somewhere between Dead and Alive Russell Watt AWOL (31)

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