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It couldn’t really be seen if Marsh’s words were prophetic or a jinx, because something did go wrong with the native warp vessel. The ship leapt to warp but a power spike destabilized the warp field in such a way that it went off course and got perilously close to a high radiation induction zone close-ish to the twin dwarf stars. It was adrift with the reactor offline and what auxiliary power was left was keeping the meager shielding up.

On an unrelated note, the computer finally deciphered the race’s language and added it to the universal translator. That was some fortuitous timing.

GM Dread

The angry buzzing of sensor consoles all over the Bridge managed to get everyone’s attention focused on the new problem.

“Well, that was prophetic,” the Captain commented as he turned to look back at the viewscreen. “It doesn’t matter if we’re ready to contact these people now, because we’re not going to let them die out here.”

He began looking around the room and giving out orders to people as he kept turning clockwise:

“Helm, plot a minimum-time intercept course, but don’t engage engines yet.”

“Avik, take us to Yellow Alert please.”

“Marsh, can you tell how much time those people have?”

“I can’t imagine its a lot.” He said before even starting the scan. Warp drive power, that small of a ship the math was not in its favor.

No, no it isn’t, the Captain thought. “Scan for lifesigns on the ship as well. Send coordinates of any people on there to the transporter room and order them to stand by.”

“Donnely, ready a tractor beam.” He briefly felt satisfied for remembering the new officer’s name.

“Sullivan, can our shields handle that radiation?”
Mattie looked at the Captain “I can remodulate the shields. It might give us a few more minutes.” She said “I don’t know how much time, but I’ll give us as much time as possible.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“Do it,” the Captain told Sullivan.


As odds would have it, fate wouldn’t be denied. In a normal situation, Avik would calculate the probability and reflect on it. For now, she had a duty to fulfill. She snapped into action.

“Yes sir,” her eyes turned to the officer at the console, “Yellow alert and raise the shields.”

She turned to the CO then the CE. The dull sound of the alert rang through the bridge, but her words were loud and clear.

“Sullivan, can we tow them back toward the planet using the tractor beam? Or would that drain energy from the shields?” The XO could guess the answer, but she referred to the expert sources at their disposal. The CE knew her tech like the back of her hand and it’s capabilities far better than the Vulcan.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

As things went to yellow alert, Clodagh sent word to security via the console to stand by for first contact and possible rescue situation. She guessed the Security Chief would reach out to her at some point, or merely come to the bridge now that the alert had been raised.


Avik seemed to have exactly the same thought as the Captain: Pull them back to their own planet, or at least to safety. Have the transporter room stand by in case we end up crushing their little rocketship. Either way we’re making contact…

– Johann Dvorak, CO

The scans of the crippled vessel and the depletion of auxiliary power could be calculated to show the shielding would last about three and a half minutes. Time was going to be tight. There was currently a single life sign detected aboard the vessel and seemed strong though the shielding prevented any in depth analysis at this range.

The quickest course was laid in and with a micro-warp jump and full impulse it would take two minutes and fifteen second to get into range. The shielding of the Europa would likely last for seven with the modulation the chief engineer planned to use. The tractor beam would likely collapse what shielding remained at that point of the warp ship.

GM Dread

“They have about three minutes.... better than I thought… less than they need.” Marsh said matter-of-factly.

Two minutes felt like two hours, suddenly. Clodagh was holding her breath for most of it, which was odd for two reasons. One, holding your breath in space did no good. And holding your breath on a ship was just as pointless. If she was going to die in either situation, holding her breath wasn’t going to change that. Taking a deep breath, she tried to settle herself and her security mind kicked in. If there were things to be done and orders to obey, she was ready now. She kept a close eye on the clocks as well as the shields of the other ship.


After information was shared, Avik mentally sighed. Her original idea’s foundation crumbled and risked popping the shielding. That put the single occupant in the pilot seat in danger.

“The first plan isn’t suitable. Another option is beaming them onboard because that shielding won’t last very long. What do you think Captain?”

Avik also knew that they might need to contact the individual. Being in one place then suddenly ported to another often caused unsavory reactions. She suspected the CO knew this.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“They are going to have to drop shields anyway for containment.”


Franklin walked onto the bridge and went directly to the Engineering station, trying not to interupt what was going on with the senior officers. He quietly reported to Chief Sullivan about his prior shift repairs, and handed her a PaDD with the results.

-Franklin, Engineer

“Yep, that’s the only option,” the Captain said, agreeing with Avik and Marsh, thinking about the situation for a second longer. Then he started giving out more orders

“Helm, engage engines along plotted course.”

“Donnelly, try hailing that ship; I doubt it’ll even work, but we have to try.” A species this early in spaceflight might not have even had communications equipment for talking to aliens.

“Marsh, can you assess the pilot’s current condition?”

Dvorak looked at Avik for a second, before asking: “What do you think about beaming the pilot right here on the Bridge?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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