Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

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Posted by Ensign Ashlyn Trenton (Security Officer) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.
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OOC: If anyone is interested in joining, feel free to arrive with Avik or hop in at any time.

IC: Hello ____

You’ve been invited to take part to test out an original holodeck adventure program. It will start at 13:00 tomorrow, but participates can enter the deck at any time they are free. It is a fantasy world loosely based on the poem The Odyssey and other similar 21st century fictional works. In order to improve it, I’ve sent out requests to a wide variety of individuals with the same message. I would greatly appreciate feedback if you accept this invitation. Please dress comfortably for the adventure.

Sincerely, Engineer NE Florez.

Avik studied the mysterious message. A few moments passed before she clicked a reply on her datapad. Her fingers moved in a fast and precise pace, the letters typed out an acceptance to the offer. Her schedule had been cleared for that time slot without anything filling in for it. It might benefit her to expand her extracurricular activities in the long run.

Once finished, she departed for the holodeck the next day. Dressed in her more civilian clothing than her uniform, she appeared to be the first to arrive.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn had been suspicious of the message for a while, but with her friend’s recent endeavors to argue her scientific standing, she found herself with more time than expected. Remembering the advice of several counselors to go be social with people, Trenton accepted the invitation and prepared to go. Sure it wasn’t parkour or her favored cyberpunk genre, but it would give her a chance to interact with other members of the crew and get a little out of her cloistered shell. The most confusing point on the message was the subject matter. Ashlyn had some understanding of classing literature and was pretty sure ‘The Odyssey’ was an 8th century BC poem by Homer, she didn’t really know of any outside of that so this should be interesting to say the least.

Ashlyn arrived dressed in her usual off duty attire, the odd combination of a lycra underlayer with some more casual cotton clothing that fit loosely to allow for movement and plenty of EL tape to add lighted accents in a dark purple today. On her feet a pair of shoes meant to emulate being barefoot with added traction, this would allow her the fullest extent of her acrobatics if needed. While not as early as the Commander, she wasn’t far behind decidedly being her usual punctual self. When she saw the Vulcan there was a pause as she processed information internally for a moment, then broke into a wide grin. Either she was safe to have her own imaginings or she would soon regret not caging her thoughts around yet another telepath. For the time being, she could be professional. “Good Afternoon Commander, it’s a pleasure to see you today.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Greiss’s lanky form was instantly recognizable as he sauntered through the holodeck entrance. He wore a loose-fitting brown jacket, Yridian leather, with a distinctive pointed collar. Attached was his Combadge, askew by only the slightest millimeter of an angle. The rest of his outfit was his standard off duty uniform, and pocketed excursion pants.

He tilted his head down at Avik in a quick salute. “I assume you recieved an invitation as well? I’m quite intrigued as to what this could entail.”

~Ensign Winston Greiss, Engineer.

Avik’s eyes caught the pair of officers arrive. She had expected them to display a nervousness around her due to being a commanding officer. When they addressed her, her off duty attire helped to ease the tension. However, the air of professionalism remained. She mentally sighed then she gently corrected it.

“At ease and yes, it is a good afternoon. I am currently off duty so Avik would be more appropriate.” She paused a moment to digest Greiss’ statement then nodded.

“Yes, I did. I decided it would be interesting to engage in a new experience. I wonder if the roles on the holodeck will be randomly generated or based on our current ones?”

The door hissed open as if inviting them in. Avik looked at both of the officers then spoke.

“Well, shall we?” She gestured for them to go first to be polite.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn gave Avik a respectful nod before entering the holodeck to take a look around. “I am hopeful there is some selection of roles, while I am with Security, I would make a horrible warrior for this…rendition. I’m not yet sure of the time period that this will be set in, but if it is ancient Greece, then I’d rather carry a bow than a sword. If it’s a more contemporary era…I should stop asking and just find out. Work things out as they come.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Upon entering, the three officers’ clothes changed into more fitting attire. A generic fantasy era that took inspiration from various sources stood before them. Many sailors bustled on the deck with supplies in their arms, each man locked in the duties onboard. The sun blistered down on the scenery as the sea rolled in the background. On the horizon stood dark, faded clouds with distant rumbles in their wake. A storm appeared to have passed fairly recently. The air still hung thick with rain.

“Captain Trenton!” A man shouted. His flaming red hair and short figure pushed through the crowd toward Trenton. He stopped just in front of the three before he spoke again.

“If you’re done with the Boatswain and Master Gunner,” his smirking face darted from Avik to Griess respectfully, “shall we set off to sail?”

Meanwhile, another man stepped in behind Greiss. He tapped the shoulder to gain his attention then promptly replied.

“Sir, we finished count of the black powder barrels and cannonballs. They all match with Avik’s notes. I delivered the orders to clean the cannons and waiting for any additional tasks.” The man appeared eager to please his senior officer.

Avik turned to the two officers. “It would appear randomize is the answer, Captain Trenton.”

-XO, Avik Lt. Cmdr

Trenton was paused for a long moment trying to piece together her role in this simulation. Captain of a sailing ship, well this should be interesting. “How are the provision stores, are the sailors well-rested, where is the map?” Ashlyn took two steps toward the wheel and stumbled. She looked down at herself and glowered with disdain for her outfit. “This is why I prefer minimalism. This is too much restrictive clothing and is very uncomfortable.” Trenton started shedding clothing on her way to the wheel, leaving herself with some modest covering, but significantly less than she was wearing. “So, I can land navigate pretty well, and I can do spacial coordination pretty easily, but nautical navigation is new to me. Any suggestions Avik? Greiss?”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

“I quite like the clothing. Very… Frilly.” Greiss said, making a small flourish. “As for navigation, I say we eyeball the position on the map and guess our way across the waves.” He walked toward the bow, looking out at the murky waters at the point where the stormy skies met the sea. “If this holodeck simulation wasn’t designed by some stick in the mud, we should be able to wing it just fine.”

~Ensign Winston Greiss, Engineer.

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