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“They are going to have to drop shields anyway for containment.”


Franklin walked onto the bridge and went directly to the Engineering station, trying not to interupt what was going on with the senior officers. He quietly reported to Chief Sullivan about his prior shift repairs, and handed her a PaDD with the results.

-Franklin, Engineer

“Yep, that’s the only option,” the Captain said, agreeing with Avik and Marsh, thinking about the situation for a second longer. Then he started giving out more orders

“Helm, engage engines along plotted course.”

“Donnelly, try hailing that ship; I doubt it’ll even work, but we have to try.” A species this early in spaceflight might not have even had communications equipment for talking to aliens.

“Marsh, can you assess the pilot’s current condition?”

Dvorak looked at Avik for a second, before asking: “What do you think about beaming the pilot right here on the Bridge?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

The helmsman acknowledged the order and brought the ship to warp. After about a minute of travel at warp, the ship dropped out of it and moved to get ahead of the drifting vessel at full impulse. The shields came under bombardment from the intense radiation being given off by the binary stars. The clock started ticking.

GM Dread

“We can flood the ship with energized photons. It will overwhelm the ship’s shields and effectively drop them enough for us to beam off the pilot.... probably.”


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