VIP Quarters- 'Missing' Side Sim

Posted Sept. 21, 2020, 10:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in VIP Quarters- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in VIP Quarters- ‘Missing’ Side Sim


Marsh made a face and shrugged. “Is that what you’re calling it?” He normally would have added a slap to her buttocks, but that wasn’t on the agenda with her mother… the commander here.

Cass just snorted but she gave him an affectionate smile.

Food. Her stomach almost rebelled at the thought but at this point Cass was beyond hunger and sometimes you just needed even a small amount of food to settle everything. “Well, I can do the carbs so, roast beef sandwich actually sounds doable.”

Norene nodded. “Anything with that roast beef of yours?” she asked Marsh.

“Anything green is fine.” Marsh ate vegetable as a matter of health. He certainly didn’t like any of it.

With a nod Norene included sautéed green beans.

He smiled at the commander warmly for a moment. “I have a bottle of Château Pape Clément in my quarters. It’s a red so it should go well with beef and if you’re a little tired it has been known to give very pleasant dreams. So I have been told at least.”


Norene smiled gratefully. “Maybe later. Sleep is not on the agenda just yet.” She replicated the orders and brought them over. She could tell Cass wanted to come over and help but a subtle shake of her head said she had it. She might be exhausted, but she wasn’t dead. She could carry plates.

Marsh wasn’t certain that was the right plan. He kept that to himself for now. He would look for a way to work it into the conversation later.

Settling at the table with Cass and Steven, Norene didn’t waste time digging into the pot pie, though she was cautious after awhile on only rations. “So, let’s distract ourselves. Tell me anything,” she said to both of them. “Department stuff. hobby stuff. Anything.”

~The Abramses

“I’m twenty second in line for the King of England and I actually know how to joust. So all we need is a plague and bingo.” He made a circle over his head with his fingers like a crown. Marsh offered as he took a bite of the roast beef. “I always try to work that in when I surrounded by beautiful women.” He gave a smile that had a good success rate in his experience. Nothing made someone forget their troubles faster than making fun of another. He was setting himself up to be mocked.


OOC: Was just looking for this, thanks. :) 10 migraines in 11 days was not fun. Thanks always for your patience.
Norene actually laughed aloud. “It’s a good add,” she agreed with a chuckle.

Under normal circumstances, Cass would have made a quip about herself making an excellent queen, but that would lead to other comments and assumptions that she didn’t dare invoke right now. It was one thing to be comfortable with the status quo of ones relationship, especially after having experienced not being together, but they had not had that conversation yet and she most definitely didn’t want to have it with her mother at the table. “You should make sure that if it happens, you take precautions so someone doesn’t toss a plague at you too,” she teased before digging into her beef stew.

“How are things with the department?” Norene asked her daughter.

Cass nodded slowly. “Pretty smooth right now. The usual hitches. It’s a smaller ship, and given our ship’s history I really want to make sure everyone knows each other fairly well. Maybe that’s a little bit of me missing the camaraderie of the science labs, but there’s something to be said for it.”

~The Abramses

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