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Posted Sept. 28, 2020, 2:29 a.m. by Gamemaster Creeping Dread (Gamemaster) (Matt Evans)

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Mattie nodded and locked on the tractor beam to the smaller ship and attempted to pull it into their shuttle bay or at least within their shields so that they could get further away from the star. She didn’t glance at the Captain for the moment, focused on getting the smaller ship to safety.


Mattie looked at Marsh “My theory is if we get far enough away from the star, the ship should stablize. I can keep her tractored and pull her away and then we can attempt to prevent her from exploding. Rather than bring her aboard…” She looked at Avik “You’re orders Commander?”


The disabled warp craft was expertly brought within the Europa’s shields and in the nick of time too as the craft’s shields failed as it’s rear was sticking out. The pilot compartment in the front had passed through the Europa’s shielding but there’s a chance some of the radiation had made it through it’s internal structure. Either way the rest of the craft was pulled in and covered by the shields and didn’t explode.

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