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Posted Oct. 6, 2020, 2:10 a.m. by Gamemaster Creeping Dread (Gamemaster) (Matt Evans)

So partially to give myself something to post and also to keep up to date everyone who might need a refresher: here is the what has happened in the sim so far.

The Europa was dispatched to a system where a pre-warp civilization had been discovered and catalogued, marked for non-interference according to the Prime Directive. Recently a warp signature had been detected in this system by long range sensors. Did this civilization discover warp technology by themselves or has someone visited them? This was what the Europa was sent to find out.

Along the way an encrypted signal was detected from a short range distress beacon. It was discovered to be an old but still secure Starfleet cypher which led to the recovery of a cryo pod. The secured pod was revealed to contain Shane Warwick, once member of several different ships including the Europa. His health is not good and he’d been severely tortured before being rescued by friends but then jettisoned in the pod into space. It’s unknown how long he had been floating in cryo.

The Europa arrives in system and begins passively scanning and surveying everything. It’s a binary white dwarf star system with several barren rocks for planets and a gas giant with the only habitable planet tidally locked locked in its shadow. The leaves the gas giant to shield the planet from the majority of the intense radiation given off by the two stars. In orbit of the planet was a primitive space station with three craft docked to it. One craft undocked and moved away before performing a short warp hop. This seemed to prove that the civilization was at least in possession of warp technology, but now the question was did they develop it themselves?

While the crew discussed and theorized and intended on further investigating before making contact, the warp craft alignment to hop in warp to its origin point. The planet, utilizing a massive power production system, sent a beam of energy with pinpoint accuracy to recharge the craft’s capacitor but as is usually the case when playing with massive beams of power… something went awry. The craft went into warp but not back to its space station but in the direction of the stars. It was severely damaged and adrift after its warp bubble collapsed and left it stranded in a high radiation zone. Its meager shielding would only protect it for minutes at best, so the Captain ordered a rescue operation at once.

The Europa went to warp and maneuvered in front of the damaged craft before tractoring it into their shields. It was at this moment that a solar flare ejected from one of the stars and further damaged the craft but thankfully didn’t cause it to explode. Unfortunately something about the solar flare injured the Captain and caused him to begin having seizures. He was transported to sickbay and is in the good hands of the CMO but now command rests on the XO.

The XO, security, and medical have gathered in the shuttle bay to inspect the craft and see to the hapless pilot. Life signs are weak so whether they can be treated in time remains to be seen.

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