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It didn’t take Avik long to arrive at the shuttle bay from the bridge. While she could’ve informed them all on the comms, she felt it took too long. It didn’t help she held herself responsible for this mess. An illogical sentiment, but one she couldn’t help.

The moment she stepped off the Bridge, she knew Marsh or another senior officer would take her place. This crew proved themselves repeatedly with each new mission. She came to appreciate them for it.

When she saw the team, her attention turned to them.

Cassidy was already waiting with another guard. Given that Donnely was with the XO, it would be overkill to have more than three guards for one person. She focused her attention on Avik.

“A situation developed and forced us to save the ship and its pilot. I will admit we have little knowledge or understanding of the occupant.” She didn’t voice that she needed to say it out loud and in person, but observant individuals would notice it.

She wondered if her presence around humans had started to affect her now.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

A pair of Emergency Medics had just arrived, equipment at the ready. They stood ready for instruction.
-NE Medics

Abrams nodded. “Alright, let’s get quick scans of the ship and find a way in. Security clears before anyone else enters,” she stated, knowing it was a given anyway. “Let’s proceed with an abundance of caution.”

Abrams, COS

The back quarter of the warp craft was charred and the hull bubbled in places as its brief touch with high intensity radiation had melted and fused part of the metal hull plates together. Luckily the rest of the ship, and the miniature fusion reactor, had been covered by the Europa’s shields and seemed none the worse for wear. The only apparent entry point to the ship was what looked like an airlock or docking ring. Going extra vehicular was not a design consideration but docking up with the space station clearly was. Any sensor sweep would should feeble life signs in the cockpit section.

GM Dread

Phaser set to stun, Cassidy began to circle the vessel cautiously, her keen eyes looking for anything unusual. “There’s a docking port access only. We may have to rig something to key it to open or blast our way in, but I’m not keen on the latter for obvious reasons.” But if someone needed quick medical attention, they might not have a choice.

Abrams, COS

Avik stood back and allowed her CoS to take over. If worse came to worst, she needed to be out of harm’s way. Her eyes watched security move around the ship as she contacted. Astrometrics. She recalled Officer Zorell had mentioned she left someone to take over her station. She pressed her badge for the department.

=Avik to Astrometrics. Do you have information over the natives of the planet?=^=

=/\=Rutz here, Commander. Nothing much so far, but I am going to start running some more detailed biological scans. However, it does appear that the locals are unaware of us up here so far. And two more spacecraft have undocked from the space station and are on separate paths to either side of the gas giant.=/\=

~NE Rutz, Sciences

Afterward, she replied to Abrams. “The issue is more about if they are conscious or not. If they aren’t, I doubt they will care much for the door. A scan might be able to tell us if the pilot is conscious or not. I’m trying to get some data from Astrometrics over the natives. I am not a fan of complications if they can be avoided.”

She waited to see what the CoS might think.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“Agreed, but I also don’t want to go blasting into something and possibly injure a being worse by carelessness. If there is a technically-based method of getting in, I’d rather utilize that. Brute force can come later, or if we decide its a dire emergency,” Cassidy reasoned.

Abrams, COS

Clodagh had gone the opposite direction of the COS and was back at the portal entry about the same time. “Is there a chance we can get the Europa to interface with the shuttle. Perhaps see if the occupant is able to open the door of their own volition? May be a less intrusive way rather than merely blowing it.” She moved closer to the side of the door looking for a manual override in case they needed it. She couldn’t imagine the ship would not have some way to get to the inside if power failed or someone inside was incapacitated.


Avik listened to Abrams’ reasoning, but it didn’t result in progress. She watched as Abrams and officer Clodagh began to surround the strange ship. At the latter’s suggestion, the XO spoke.

“I’m going to have the shuttle bay run a scan. It should show us if the pilot is conscious without being intrusive. I don’t believe an interface is possible because it could be misunderstood as hostile intentions.”

When the XO finished her statement, she initiated the scan then waited for the results.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Clodagh frowned. It made sense, of course. But it was one of those double edged moments. If they didn’t intrude, they may not be able to help. If they don’t help, the occupant could die if they were hurt. She exhaled and awaited her orders


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