VIP Quarters- 'Missing' Side Sim

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 2:03 p.m. by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in VIP Quarters- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in VIP Quarters- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in VIP Quarters- ‘Missing’ Side Sim
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Marsh looked at her for a moment, “She’s going to out rank me soon.” With a twinkle in his eye. He always wanted to fool around with someone who significantly out-ranked him.


Cass laughed openly. “I don’t know about that, though I’m not entirely sure I’d complain if that were to happen,” she said with a grin, glancing back at Steven.

She had been expecting some sort of cheeky rejoinder from her mother, but when she looked over, Norene’s eyes were slipping closed. Cassidy reached out and gently tapped her mother’s propped up arm with the back of her fingertips. “Hey you.”

“Hmmm?” Norene said, blinking her eyes open and sitting upright.

“Go to bed,” Cassidy insisted.

Norene glanced between the two and then smirked at her daughter. “Yes, Ma’am,” she said, offering a lopsided grin before heading off to crash in the bedroom.

Cassidy watched with equal amounts of amusement and worry. If nothing else, Norene Abrams was as tough as they got, but even tough people needed to rest and recuperate. She shook her head and looked at Steven. “So… now you’ve met the mother. What do you think?” her mother was charming, but even at her most tired and worn out she felt her mother was still intimidating. At least to her.

~The Abramses

He looked at the elder Abrams, he had no intention of saying anything aside from a complement about Cassidy’s mother in front of her whether she was asleep or not. “She’s a force of nature.”

Cassidy just smirked in understanding. Both the truth of his statement and the unsaid portion.

He smiled. “Maybe you should sleep here, be around when she wakes up and take care of her. Forces of Nature tend not to think they are human after all.”


She nodded. “I could use a nap, and I’d feel better staying close to her while we await word. I know you probably need to check on other things, but…” Cass closed the distance and let her lips touch his in a light and tender kiss that she hoped conveyed so much she didn’t have the energy or brain space to communicate at the moment.

Abrams, COS

Marsh enjoyed the rather chaste kiss resting his hand about her waist. The natural resting place during a kiss… well maybe the second popular resting place, but he certainly wasn’t going to put his hands there.


Closing what little space remained between them, Cass leaned against Steven and rested her head on his shoulder. She took solace from the solidity and warmth of his body. For a moment she could pretend that they were elsewhere and she wasn’t waiting to hear if her father lived or died.

Finally, she pulled back. “Okay, you go do what you need to while I crash. Come back in a bit. If anything happens before then, I’ll call you.”

Abrams, COS

“All I’ll be doing is sleeping as well.” He had been running doubles ever since the Tien had been lost and thing straight through during the rescue operation. He was tired and needed a rest as much as anyone, he had the luxury of less stress as it wasn’t his parents, and better food since he wasn’t fighting for his life on in inhospitable world.


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