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“Tenra?” Vora inhaled slowly. “Well, climate wise it’s very hot and dry in a lot of areas. Much lower moisture than Earth and fewer continents. In fact, there are whole swaths of the planter that are too hot for anything to survive in,” she said with a laugh.

“A long time ago it was made up of a tribal society in which those that controlled the resources, like water and food growing areas, controlled the people too.” Zorell shrugged. “Not much has changed. We have warp tech but are way behind the Federation in a lot of ways. But we have a significant appreciation for sciences so in that one area we apparently have things we can teach others.”

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences

“Sounds like Earth before the Vulcans found us.” Franklin said, chewing. “Some days I’m amazed we got where we got.” He smiled at Zorell. The words were simple and polite, but he wasn’t a dumb hick. He’d caught her look and her inhalation. He hoped she’d not lose hope for her world to address it’s issues. “I tell ya, I’d take hot and dry over hot and humid any day, though. Rollin’ Hay bales in Summer in Oklahoma ain’t no joke… Guess I should’ve gone out for Science instead of Engineering.”

-Franklin, Eng

Vora grinned. “I am very well adapted to the heat. Of any kind. San Francisco was terribly cold for me.”

Greiss took a large sip from his cup and cleared his throat. “Tenra sounds like a nice place. The inhabitable bits, I mean. I’d love to visit there one day. I’ve only been to Vulcan and Risa, excluding a whole bunch of random outposts and no-name backwater rocks.”

~Ensign Winston Greiss, Engineer

A weird, indescribable sensation washed through her body and for a moment Zorell was silent. A measured breath later and she considered Greiss. “Don’t discount those places. You’ve still seen more than many. And those no-name backwater rocks are places too,” she said with a wink. Her home had a name, but compared to many of the populated worlds of the Federation, Tenra was a backwater rock. She didn’t see that as a bad thing. Just a fact.

“And maybe one day you will get to go. Like I said, we’re not in the Federation, but there’s a research exchange that has been ongoing for over a decade now. It’s how I first learned about the the Federation and Starfleet. There’s been a starship stationed at Tenra on rotation near constantly since they first made contact with my people.”

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences

Still Chewing, “I thought San Fran was great! Vulcan was a little hot for me… I spent a tour at Eridany-A Ship Yard.” Franklin shook his head and swallowed. “I’ll take ship duty, or San Fran any day.”


“I did field training out in Yosemite Park. That was special,” Vora said with a smile. It brought back god memories, despite how hard a transition the Academy had been. “It’s where I really understood that geology was something I wanted to explore. And the terrain was unlike anything I had experienced before too.”

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences

“I never got to go see Yosemite… But I did get a weekend at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Those rock formations were otherworldly…” Franklin grinned after finishing the last bite of his meal.


Vora grinned. “Not been there myself but I’ve seen extensive images of the place. I miss geology sometimes, but I was glad for the change.” It hadn’t been an easy decision but even she could see that once her Masters thesis had been done and accepted the passion for her work had dropped. It had all been tied to one outcome, one goal and therein lay her ultimate issue. Expanding her horizons had been a good step.

Lt. (j.g.) Zorell, Sciences

“Geology reminds me of Vulcan…” Franklin twanged with a slightly bitter laugh. “We lowly grunts get to do our survival training close to our chosen tech school, so for me, that was Vulcan. I don’t think I ever wanna see so many rocks in one place again.”


Just then, Franklin’s comm beeped and a call came in:

=/\=Mister Franklin, are you busy? I think I have a job for you…/=/\=

-Zarath, CMO

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