Main Sim: Sickbay, Captain's Medical Emergency

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 4:15 p.m. by Chief Petty Officer James Franklin (Engineer) (Dave Eads)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tolar Zarath (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim: Sickbay, Captain’s Medical Emergency

Posted by Chief Petty Officer James Franklin (Engineer) in Main Sim: Sickbay, Captain’s Medical Emergency

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tolar Zarath (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim: Sickbay, Captain’s Medical Emergency
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With whatever was going on in Sickbay at that moment, it was soon interrupted by a call from the XO:

=^=Bridge to Sick Bay, Captain is having a seizure and being transported for emergency care.=^=

Immediately after the Captain’s convulsing body materialized on the floor.

GM Dread

Zarath was still cursing a blue streak when the Captain materialized on the floor. Luckily two of the medical staff were on hand, and they quickly and efficiently moved the Captain up on to a biobed as the Andorian doctor began trying to diagnose what had gone wrong. For several tense moments, Tolar tried various dosages of medicines and inhibitors until an odd combination finally seemed like it should address the issues showing up on the scans. Something in D’vorak’s brain was short circuiting and causing a bad reaction with the synaptic connections to his implants. The entire episode seemed to be forming a feedback loop that was causing the Captain’s nervous system to overload with the signals from the implants, causing a seizure state.

If Zarath’s combination of synaptic inhibotors and inaprovaline worked, the Captain should stabilize… However, there was no way at present to predict when his brain would recover from the trauma enough to regulate itself again. Effectively, there was no way to know when, or even if Johann would wake up…

-Zarath, CMO

Vora at least had had the wherewithal to compose herself at least a little before she stepped into Sickbay, but there was no mistaking her almost frantically worried expression. “What happened? Is he okay?” she managed to spit out as she approached, trying to not get in anyone’s way. Breath, Vora. Breath. She forced herself to take a shaky breath.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

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Zarath took Vora’s arm gently and led her to a seat along the bulkhead. He looked her in the eye carefully, respecting her too much to sugarcoat the news. “Honestly, I’m not sure what exactly happened to trigger the seizures. As best I can tell, his implants were affected oddly by the radiation from the star we’re close to. The implants were overloading his synapses, I’ve had to chemically block his brain from receiving signals from the implants for now. Brain activity is slowly returning to a more normal state, but I have no way of determining when he’ll regain consciousness.” Tolar shifted his weight uneasily. “He will regain consciousness, I can assure you of that. His Brain chemistry just needs time to settle, there wasn’t any direct damage that I was unable to repair…”

-Zarath, CMO

Though she tried to process, there were just a whole bunch of words. But his tone helped her focus. Of course, her mind recorded the words and she could replay them again so they made sense. Some days there were advantages to having an eidetic memory, even if auditory was her weakest form. “He…” Vora swallowed. “When he first wakes up, it take a moment for his implants to kick in and it can be disorienting. If they don’t go on at all, he might panic. I should stay and be here when he wakes up,” she said firmly, despite the quiet timbre of her voice.

The Captain’s body stopped seizing as the inhibitors and drug cocktail took effect but this was treating a symptom and not the root cause. While the randomly firing synapses were no longer causing the nervous system to go haywire, the randomized brain activity was increasing in intensity. Their body temperature was increasing predominantly around their head and neck and there was a real risk of the brain overheating.

GM Dread

Aviks’ voice came onto the comms.

=^= Bridge to Sickbay and Lt. Abrams. I need Medical and Security to send a team to shuttle bay. I will be there shortly to inform you of the situation.=^=

It followed shortly with another directly from Zorell’s badge.

=^=Avik to Officer Zorell. We had to tractor the ship on board, do you have any more data on the natives?=^=

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr (crosspost)

Vora squeezed her eyes shut, willing herself to find a well fo some sort of calm before she dared answer the XO.

=/\=There had been nothing new when I was there. I am in Sickbay right now, but I left Ensign Rutz in Astrometrics. She might have more info.=/\=

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

An alarm on the biobed began to ring out as the temperature in the Captain’s head was dangerously rising. The symptom of the seizures were stopped but the random synapse firing was still ongoing. The autonomic nervous system was burning huge amounts of energy for some reason that was as yet unknown.

GM Dread

Vora’s attention swept over to the sound of the alarm and she rose to her feet quickly. But she managed to resist the urge to rush over knowing that the medical staff had to have space to work. Still, her stomach was churning and she honestly felt like she might be ill.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences


Zarath, squeezed Vora’s arm gently and returned quickly to the Captain’s side. Grabbing one of his staff, He backed off a step and barked at the Computer: “Computer, set up a level two force field around the Captain and lower the internal temperature forty degrees, allow for medical staff to enter the field and alter temperature accordingly.” Zarath began to scan Johann’s head again, hoping to have dropped the temperature around the brain to a level which wouldn’t cause damage… He swore quietly, and then tapped his badge to make a call.

=/\=Mister Franklin, are you busy? I think I have a job for you…/=/\=

-Zarath, CMO

The reply came back almost immediately:

=/\=No sir, Doctor. What can I do for you?/=/\=

The Andorian grunted, not liking what he was about to ask… =/\=How fast can you build me a cryogenic stasis pod?/=/\=

-Zarath, CMO

Franklin’s answer: =/\=Well, Doc… it’d take me at least a day, but I wouldn’t have any problems machining the parts, you have specs?/=/\=

=/\=I’ll transmit them to your personal file directly. Get started as soon as you can. I need that pod functioning as quickly as you can do it. Zarath, out./=/\= The Andorian Doctor furrowed his brow, and his antennae drooped in concern. He didn’t like the idea, but he wanted to be prepared in the even that he couldn’t repair the damage to Dvorak’s impants in time…

-Zarath, CMO

=/\=Acknowledged, I’m headed to the manufacturing station now./=/\= came Franklin’s reply.


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