Sickbay - Cascade Failure

Posted Oct. 18, 2020, 4:29 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tolar Zarath (Chief Medical Officer) (Dave Eads)

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Sickbay - Cascade Failure

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Tolar Zarath (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Cascade Failure

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Sickbay - Cascade Failure
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=/\=Bridge here.. {static]. Sorry for the de[lay]. We’ve got multiple calls coming in. [Static for two seconds]. Fire suppression [static] some damage to connecting systems. Do you [static] beam [out].=/\=

~Bridge NE

A loud CRACK resounded in her quarters. Sienna’s startle response had her jumping and whirling back towards the living room area of her quarters at the sound. She took two crawling steps and looked into that area from her bathroom floor. The ceiling now had a gigantic crack and was caving in. Though it wasn’t down far, it would probably expand over time and smoke was now pouring through the crack at an alarming rate.

She took the cloth off her mouth and replied to the Bridge =/\= Yes Bridge. I need a beam out. =/\= It took a lot not to add “you idiot” to the end of that. What part of I am trapped and heat is coming from directly above me from the fire in Astrometrics did they not understand. She took a deep breath to calm herself and realized that was a mistake as she sucked in smoke and began coughing.

Nox, CNS

Luckily for Nox, just enough of the communication got through and a moment later she dematerialized.

At least she now found herself in Sickbay. Either that was the standard operation at the moment or the person beaming her out had guess at her possible needs.

Just ten seconds before that, Lieutenant Ki’lain had been beamed into Sickbay from Deck 2 suffering from moderate smoke inhalation. She was conscious but dazed.

Zorell, Sciences

The change in the air around her was immediate though she was still coughing when she materialized crouching as she had been in her bedroom. She appeared in Sickbay smelling of smoke and obviously disheveled in her off duty clothes and a wet cloth in her hand. Sienna tried to breathe in the clear and fresh air, but that only made her cough worse.

Nox, CNS

Bump for our good Doctor!

“What in the six circles of Andor is going on?!” Zarath grumped as yet more patients arrived. He made sure Ki’lain was stable and rushed to the new arrival. “Counselor.” His tone changed when he realized who it was, and he guided her to the nearest biobed and gently gave her an innoculation that would reverse damage from smoke inhalation. “Is there a fire?” He asked, concerned.

-Zarath, CMO

She nodded, hearing his concern as she sat down on the biobed. Her chest hurt from smoke inhalation and she felt the first wave of relief as soon as the inoculation was given. She closed her eyes as she coughed. “Deck 2, Astrometrics… Right above my quarters.”

=/\=En Fayth to Lt. Cmdr. Zarath. We have two more people stuck in a turbolift between deck 2 and 3. One is severely injured. I’m not sure we can transport that person out first. We are attempting to get access to the turbolift so I can make an assessment.=/\=
En. Fayth, Doctor

Zarath grunted in displeasure and tapped his comm to answer Fayth. =/\=I hear you, Doctor, I’m prepared to receive emergency transports. Please keep me updated. Zarath out./=/\=

The current path the day seemed to be taking was damaging the Doctor’s mood, but he did feel a swell of pride in Fayth’s response to the situation. While his words might have been curt, there was pride in them, and trust.

-Zarath, CMO

She realized as tears streaked down her face that eyes were stinging. She wiped at them and tried to slow her breathing and realized she was a bit light headed. It was like everything was slow to react. She shook her head trying to clear it but that didn’t work and only left her feeling more out of sorts. “Doctor Zarath, can I lay back? I feel like the room is spinning.”

Nox, CNS

“Of course, I’m sorry.” The Andorian eased the counselor back on the bed and then handed her a clean cloth. A moment later he’d injected her with a hypospray. “Inaprovaline, to step up your autoimmune function. That should help your cells cycle out the contaminants. You’ll feel better shortly. I’m going to adjust the environmental controls as well to get rid of any contaminants we’re spreading through the air as we excise them.”

-Zarath, CMO

She laid back slowly and closed her eyes with a sigh. She seemed more relaxed once she had done so. Sienna didn’t feel well, but at least her head wasn’t spinning so much. At the feeling of the hypospray injecting her, she opened her dark eyes to look at the Doctor, glad he told her what he was injecting her with. The explanation was unnecessary as she had been a physician for years before she switched professions, but it was appreciated all the same. She smiled a little and nodded. “I expect you will have plenty of patients in here shortly. Astrometrics should have had a full shift staff. I hope no one was seriously injured.”

Nox, CNS

“I share your hope, Counselor. Medical teams were dispatched, they should be checking in shortly. How are you feeling? Breathing better?” He ran a quick scan again, to get her vitals.

-Zarath, CMO

She nodded though that made her feel a bit dizzy so she answered him aloud after taking a deep breath as if to prove she was breathing better. “Yes.” She could imagine that there were people on their way either via transporter as she had been or by foot. Idly she wondered at the kind of damage that Astrometrics had from the explosion and what had happened to cause it. No doubt Johann and Avik would want to know answers. That however, was the purview of other departments. “Let me know if you need my help. I am a medical doctor as well if you remember.”

Nox, CNS

“Medical doctor or not… You’d better rest for now. I don’t want you straining your pulmonary system trying to jump right up and run back into a dangerous situation.” He smiled tightly.

-Zarath, CMO

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