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Avik listened to Abrams’ reasoning, but it didn’t result in progress. She watched as Abrams and officer Clodagh began to surround the strange ship. At the latter’s suggestion, the XO spoke.

“I’m going to have the shuttle bay run a scan. It should show us if the pilot is conscious without being intrusive. I don’t believe an interface is possible because it could be misunderstood as hostile intentions.”

When the XO finished her statement, she initiated the scan then waited for the results.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Clodagh frowned. It made sense, of course. But it was one of those double edged moments. If they didn’t intrude, they may not be able to help. If they don’t help, the occupant could die if they were hurt. She exhaled and awaited her orders


The Medical team stood back and out of the way, awaiting further developments in the situation.
-NE Medics

The scans were able to get quite a bit of information as the craft was unshielded and it showed a single occupant who was not moving and had weak life signs. Their genetic structure wasn’t recorded in the Starfleet database but showed characteristics of mammalian genus. The composition of air in the craft was close to Federation standard but with an increased nitrogen level.

GM Dread

After Avik read the scans, it confirmed her suspicions. The data supported the fact that the pilot was likely unconscious and in a weak condition. She relayed the information she discovered to the security team.

“The Shields are down. Within is a single occupant, mammalian genus. The pilot isn’t moving and has weakened life signs. An atmosphere similar to Federation standard, but increased nitrogen levels.” Her eyes glanced at Abrams.

The data supported a medical emergency and urgency. If they waited much longer, the pilot’s status would continue to weak and expire.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Clodagh spoke up immediately. “With the unique breathing requirements and their already compromised health, I recommend a beam straight to Medical and a biofield with the specified breathing levels. If they are already having trouble breathing and we wreck the balance of air in there, we could actually kill it.” She was full of concern as she added, “I am also willing to put on a rebreather and be beamed in if necessary. To stabilize and move them.”

Either way, they needed to act fast or all this was pointless.


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