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Franklin’s answer: =/\=Well, Doc… it’d take me at least a day, but I wouldn’t have any problems machining the parts, you have specs?/=/\=

=/\=I’ll transmit them to your personal file directly. Get started as soon as you can. I need that pod functioning as quickly as you can do it. Zarath, out./=/\= The Andorian Doctor furrowed his brow, and his antennae drooped in concern. He didn’t like the idea, but he wanted to be prepared in the even that he couldn’t repair the damage to Dvorak’s impants in time…

-Zarath, CMO

=/\=Acknowledged, I’m headed to the manufacturing station now./=/\= came Franklin’s reply.


The drop in ambient temperature did alleviate the immediate risk of cranial overheating. The scans would show that there were signs of the Captain’s brain rejecting the implants. There were rejection enzymes being produced and the body’s defenses wanted to fight off an ‘invading’ body.

GM Dread

Zarath grunted in consternation and began administering an immunosuppressant to stop the Captain’s body from fighting with the implants until he could stabilize the situation. The options so far seemed to be removing the implants completely and letting the Captain’s body heal on it’s own, or putting the Captain in stasis and waiting until they knew more about the situation and could enact repairs to Johan’s body.

-Zarath, CMO

=/\=Security to Sickbay. Prepare for an incoming emergency transport with altered breathing atmosphere needs. We’ll forward the required levels asap,=/\= the COS said.

Abrams, COS

“I can help him, maybe,” Vora said quietly, her gaze fixed on Johann. “Franklin, I mean,” she said, taring her eyes off of her future husband to Zarath. “I’m not really an engineer but I have an eidetic memory. I know a lot of stuff.” It was definitely better than hanging about in Astrometrics staring at data that may or may not be useful.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

The Captain’s rising temperature stopped its climbing as his body’s immune system went dormant. This meant that he’d be vulnerable to foreign bodies and pathogens but at least his brain wasn’t going to fry.

Now though, the call of an emergency transport to Sickbay would complicate matters as there were soon to be two critically unwell patients.

GM Dread

Just then, Franklin’s update also came over the comm:

=/\=Doc, Franklin here. Most of the hard work is done, I should have a functional stasis unit ready for you within another two hours./=/\=

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