Building a box

Posted Nov. 9, 2020, 10:36 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Tolar Zarath (Chief Medical Officer) (Dave Eads)

Posted by Chief Petty Officer James Franklin (Engineer) in Building a box
James entered the workshop at speed and began dumping all his data into the computer so he could finalize a plan for the Stasis pod he’d been ordered to build. Once he’d come up with a schematic, he got down to work manufacturing the parts he needed to build the device. Work was slowed by the fact that most of the components had to be machined and created by hand before the Pod could take shape. Still, it was only a few hours before Franklin sent a report to Doctor Zarath.

=/\=Doc, Franklin here. Most of the hard work is done, I should have a functional stasis unit ready for you within another two hours./=/\=

-Franklin, Eng

A reply came through:

=/\=Acknolwedged, Mr Franklin. Thank you./=/\=

-Zarath, CMO

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