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Cassidy agreed with a nod of her head and tapped her commbadge. =/\=Security to Sickbay. Prepare for an incoming emergency transport with altered breathing atmosphere needs. We’ll forward the required levels asap,=/\= she said with a nod to Avik and Clodagh, knowing they would take care of that.

=/\=Shuttlebay to Transporter Room 1. Lock onto the lifesign in the retrieved vessel and beam them directly to Sickbay,=/\= Abrams ordered.

Abrams, COS

After the occupant was taken care of, Clodaugh glanced at the shuttle. “I think it would be best if we exited the bay and let the computer link to the shuttle to open the door and purge the atmosphere. We can help recreate it if necessary. But we don’t want to be compromised is there is something more in there we can’t read from out here. Once the breathing is stable in the bay, and open shuttle, we can get to work and see what’s going on.”

She glanced at the Chief with a blush on her cheeks. “Sorry, boss. Your call. Just thinking out loud.” She suddenly felt very foolish for piping up with what was most likely already on the Chief’s mind. She had to remember to not always try and take control. She’d get her chance, someday. Right now she should be learning, not teaching.

Security (with foot in mouth)

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Cassidy couldn’t help but raise her brows and smirk a little. “It’s a good thought,” she said easily.

With the immediate issue dealt with and in capable hands, Avik felt her presence no longer needed. She doubted that the CoS would punish Officer Clodagh for her verbal thoughts. From what she knew, the department head valued her officer’s opinions in a situation. Though there were exceptions based on their presentation.

“I’ll leave the ship in your hands Lt. Abrams. With the immediate threat over, my presence is better suited on the bridge. Keep me updated on any complications.”

With that, she took her leave to allow the two officers to talk.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“Yes, Commander,” Abrams replied.

The unseen occupant was successfully transported to Sickbay. That left the craft to slightly smoke from its melted pieces on the shuttlebay floor.

GM Dread

Turning to Clodagh, Cass winked. “Don’t worry, no books in hand to throw at you,” she said as she came to stand next to her junior officer. “I think you’ll find me open to ideas. The benefit of having been a scientist for so many years.”

“Computer vent atmosphere securely from the vessel and clear the air in the shuttlebay,” Cassidy called out.

Abrams, COS

“Unable to comply.” The computer responded. “No known way to interface with the vessel.”

GM Dread

Clodagh smiled at the Chief. “Thanks. Sometimes I forget to keep thoughts to myself. But I’ll also remember to voice them on occasion.” As the computer failed the interface, she frowned. “Think engineering could help? Maybe find a way to link the Europa to the shuttle? I mean, we do it to our own for maintenance. I’m sure we could find the interface and rig up some kind of connector to make them compatible.” She shook her head and bit her lip in thought. The idea of just prying open the door didn’t seem like a good idea. Or a safe one.


Abrams nodded. “Get someone from engineering down here. As much as I’d like to just take a phaser and cut into the ship I’d like to not blow us and the shuttle bay up.” She gave Clodagh a sideways glance. “We security folk might have a sometimes more dangerous job but we don’t need to go looking for trouble,” she said with a slight grin.

Abrams, COS

Clodagh laughed. “Pity, would make for an interesting hunt.” She laughed once more and tapped her badge, =^=Shuttle bay to engineering, we need someone up here to link this shuttle to the ship so we can enter. Got anyone in mind?=^=

She gave a small smile and wink to Abrams. “Well, till they get here, permission to see what other mischief we can get into?” She waited for an answer before she moved towards the shuttle hoping to find an externally accessed storage spot that many shuttles had.


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