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“I understand,” Abrams said softly, her mind awhirl with questions and possibilities. There was still one thing she wasn’t sure if Shane understood, or hell, even if it mattered. “Carlo left the ship years ago, Shane. He hasn’t been a Starfleet officer on the Europa in a long time. Whatever happened since then, no one seems to know. Given everything that happened to you, I can understand if memory could be an issue, but I want you to answer what seems like a basic and trivial question. And I’m only asking so that we can help both of us have context for the situation that exists right now.” She gave a reassuring look before she took a deep breath. “Shane, what was the date when Carlo rescued you, if you even know that much. What’s the last year you remember?” Once they had a time frame to work with, they could figure other things out from there.

Abrams, COS
Warwick gave Abrams a quizzical look. ‘Why is she asking about time…’ we wondered. He could understand Carlo not being on the Europa. A task as lengthy as tracking down a person such as himself would take an enormous amount of time. And no real Starfleet Captain would allow it. So he had just assumed that Carlo had done it on his own.
“As far as I know, Carlo put me in the stasis pod yesterday. I fell asleep aboard the Sarafina and woke up here.” But Warwick’s mind was working the problem. It always did. This is a medical question, and he could figure it out. “I do not know the current Stardate, but my body does.”

“There should be a record of when I left on my Leave of Absence. I’m sure Miss Trenton knows it. That would give us a starting point…”
“Doctor Zareth, is it possible to see how long my stasis pod has been activated? That might give us another clue.” Warwick asked, clearly getting more active as he spoke, “Also, can you compare my last transporter trace with your current scans to see how far some of my injuries have progressed?”

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No sooner than the moment he mentioned his leave of absence, Ashlyn called up the information on the PaDD and held it in the Lieutenant’s view at a respectful distance so it could be seen without intruding on her.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

“Miss Abram’s, I am all for assisting you in answering your question.” Warwick stated, while taking in the three officers surrounding his biobed. He swallowed hard as he contemplated what Abrams was actually trying to say. “Let’s get those answers. What do you need from me? Blood sample? Tachyon scan? Chronoton scan?”

  • Warwick

They were in Sickbay and if there was going to be an issue, Cass knew that Zareth would be able to handle it. She shook her head. “It’s not like that.” She leaned in slightly, meeting Warwick’s gaze as she spoke gently. “Shane, I just have this weird feeling that more time has passed than you think. I haven’t even heard the name Carlo DiNapoli for what, eight or nine years? I keep asking you for the date, for the last year you remember, because I suspect that you were in that stasis pod a lot longer than you think, that the events that felt so fresh to you actually happened awhile ago. Which may change how you handle your situation now. I’ve waited until now to say anything explicitly because I wanted to make sure you were in a position to deal with the implications. But knowing you, and seeing how you’re responding right now, I believe you can handle it.” She didn’t want to cause his psychological distress, but they couldn’t avoid this issue for much longer.

Abrams, COS

Warwick had suspected this option. Ever since Abrams had been asking him the dates and times, he had come to suspect something as well.

Abrams was concerned about the implications that He had been in stasis longer, maybe even even as long as ten years. She truly seemed to care about him. Thinking about it to himself would not be helpful, so he vocalized his thoughts so the trio at his bedside could assist in some way.

“I truly appreciate your concern Miss Abrams. But if I have been in that stasis pod for as long as you suspect, then I wasn’t captured for as long as I thought I was.” Shane added with a genuine smile, “And that truth will help me more than you know.”

“well, I don’t know anything for sure. It was just a suspicion I’ve had,” Cassidy said with a soft smile.

“Let’s work on those tests. Get the answers we need to figure out how long I was… out of circulation.”
- Warwick

With a nod, Abrams got up. “I’ll leave you to the doctors but I’ll see what I can find out on my end.” She looked over at Trenton briefly before redirecting her gaze to Shane. “I don’t think you need a guard now, but you need to stay in Sickbay for now. When you’re cleared to leave we can talk about guest quarters… once the captain gives permission of course.”

Abrams, COS

“Thank you” Shane nodded in acceptance, his voice sincere, “For both statements.”

“Get some rest.” Abrams patted him arm and then got up to leave.

“Miss Trenton, If you are to leave me. I hope to see you again. You have been a pleasure to talk to, and I value the assistance you have given me so far more than you know.”

Just before Abrams left, He called after her. “Maybe, after all this is complete. Miss Abrams, Would you mind having dinner with me?” Realizing that she might think this was a romantic ploy given their past, he wanted to assure her. “You’re one of a few people aboard this ship that I know me from…before. I would like to catch up…learn what I missed.”

In reality, Warwick needed to spend time with Abrams more than she knew. If he had been in the stasis pod as long as she suspected, he would need an anchor. And right now, for better or worse, Lieutenant Cassidy Abrams was that anchor.

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Cass studied him intently with both the mind of a scientist who deciphered puzzles and that of a security officer trained to assess risk and threats. Coming to some sort of decision she offered a small smile. “Sure, we can catch up.”

Abrams, COS

Warwick watched as Abrams left Sickbay. He turned to face Trenton, “Your Boss is a good person. So are you. I don’t know how many times I can say this, but Thank You.”

Seeing that the Andorian had been called away, Shane looked around for another Medical staffer to help him with the scans and tests that needed to be run in order to determined just how long he had been in stasis.

“Miss Trenton, I don’t see anyone available to assist us with running those tests.” Warwick stated with a gleam in his eye, “But I can. Care to break the rules and give me a medical tricorder and unlock a PaDD?”


Ashlyn raises an eyebrow in consideration, a thousand thoughts going through her head before settling that this is a test. “No, I will not break the rules for you. We can wait till a medical technician arrives to operate the equipment. One should be here by 0800.” Ashlyn wasn’t always by the book, but wasn’t one to blatantly break the rules when it wasn’t necessary.

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