Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 11:05 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) (Janice B.)

Posted by Ensign Ashlyn Trenton (Security Officer) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

Posted by Ensign Ashlyn Trenton (Security Officer) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.
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Ashlyn took a moment to gawk at the Lieutenant Commander, clearly not expecting the ‘in character’ outburst. “Admittedly, that is the most expressive exclamation I’ve ever seen come from a Vulcan, no offense intended. Colored me impressed with your improvisational skills.” Ashlyn seemed to get lost in thought for a moment before deciding to take a mop and cutting off the head to make it into an impromptu staff. “Remind me the next time we do this program to bring some Tonfa or an Iron Rod. Both would be time appropriate if not regional and I know them more than a sword.” Ashlyn gives the staff a test spin and a few lunges to test balance before shrugging. It wasn’t ideal but it was safer than something that she could injure herself with. “As soon as they can make the shot, fire the first volley.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

“Or you could state it in the feed back for the program. The engineer requested it after all.” Avik pointed out as she smiled on the inside.

She watched Ashlyn break a mop into a crude weapon. A few crew members paused to observed her. When they noted Avik looking into their direction, they quickly rushed.

“Aye, aye captain.” Avik replied as she measured the distance.

As the ship curved over the next wave, she ordered the fire. Canons blasted as they veered to reveal their side. The balls rocketed across the air, out of four shots one managed to hit. It nicked the mast, but it still remained upright. The ship continued to gain ground onto theirs.

“I think we’re getting boarded even if we don’t want it.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn takes a deep breath and makes a plan, “What is the likelihood of moving this crew from this ship to the opposition without being detected. Using ropes as a bridge from the gun ports to theirs?” Ashlyn gestures to the other ship, “If we can disable this ship and take theirs, we can sail back to port and report them for piracy. Then sell their ship for scrap and repair our ship for sailing again. At least that’s my thought, what are your thoughts Avik?”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

“A few points to consider. First is the fact the ship coming in can see all those on deck. I’m sure they realize we could fight back. They will aim to put a stop to it and this means targeting you or me. Without a chain of command, the crew is likely to fall into a mass hysteria to survive.”

Avik’s eyes continued to track the ship as she counted down in her head.

“Second, there’re many factors we don’t know. Fight experience, crew size, and intentions. They might not aim to board, but sink us. If they do that, the plan is worthless.”

She paused to consider the layout of the route they were on.

“We have at least three options. Prepare to defend the ship, check the map to see if we can out maneuver them, or wait until they are closer to fire canons again. We did nick the mast first time and closer makes them a bigger target. One more hit, even a small one, might bust it and leave them dead in the water.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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Ashlyn took the time to consider the options and settled on attempting a second shot. “Let’s wait for them to get closer to take out the sail. That for sure will get them off our tail where outmaneuvering them is dependent on the skill of those on that ship and this one. Both those identifiers are unknown. We can also prepare for boarding, which I am sure they aim to do because if they intended to sink us, they would have exposed their broadsides by now, shortly after we opened fire on them with the Chain Shot.” Ashlyn gestured toward the cannons, “The chain shot is less efficient than a basic cannonball, making the range shorter even if we use the long guns. If we nicked their mast with the chain shot, we were already within range of their broadsides.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Avik nodded then roared the orders to the scrambling crew. As they stirred to made the changes and prepared for another round, the enemy ship barreled down on them. The XO held her breath while she watched the ship continue to skirt the sea surface. It turned its board side, the cannons echoed off another rally of shots. A sharp crack echoed into the fray when the main mast was clipped. It crashed into the deck sending all the enemy crew to scatter.

The ship’s speed began to slow.

“Well done, Captain.” Avik stated, her eyes on the ship started to pull back into the background.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn released a breath she didn’t know she was holding, “Back on our original heading then!” She referred to the maps and compass again, steering the ship back on course for their adventure into the unknown. A part of her was curious about the time while another desired to continue this escapade for a while.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

The ship with the crippled mass quickly became a dot on the horizon behind them. It lost too much ground before it began to turn back to shore. A difficult move since it lost its main means of pushing itself along. Small specks on the deck shouted curses, but the became lost on the air and sea noise.

A few days pass as Captain Trenton guided her across the choppy sea and along the needed route. It had been uneventful for the most part. Trenton and Avik barely noticed as their ‘view’ screens indicate a skip in time when it happened. They were a week later since the attempt to raid their ship happened.

Now they started to dock into the port.

“Captain, according to the documents, we’re suppose to contact a Sherman Limestone in Port Tarmir. Something about shipping something… important.” Avik stated as she looked over the manifest and logs.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn looked at Avik with a deadpan expression. “Wow, that’s not vague. Does this ‘something important’ have a name or a box number so we know we’re at least turning over the correct thing. Also do we have any data on who Sherman Limestone is other than the ‘quest turn in point’. I feel like we’re missing a lot of information here that would add to the flavor of what is here.” Ash took a moment to order the crew to prepare for docking before settling back with Avik. “If nothing else, this gives me ideas on how to improve my own program. Not sure how much I can though given it’s already a bit much for a holodeck, may have to save it for a suite.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Avik was nearly as confused as Ashlyn was. None of the logs, despite her expectations, revealed anything. Just that Mr. Limestone hired them to deliver something important and to meet him at the tavern. She wondered if the programmer had become lazy during this part of the adventure.

She rolled up the documents.

“With the right coding, it can handle a lot. From what an engineer told me once was that a simple 2D background is effective until you walk up to it. Then you can ‘pop’ out or flatten what you need.” Avik took a drink of a water skin passed to her by one of the crew. She offered it to the Captain before she continued.

“I think we’re supposed to discover the missing information from Limestone himself. It does appear to have exploration elements in it. Here, maybe you’ll see something I missed.” Avik also offered the notes for Ashlyn to look over.

The woman would find the same information as Avik, with no more clarification. Whoever hired them, obvious didn’t want to risk the nature of the cargo to be revealed. For a moment, Avik watched the crew ready themselves for the dock.

It took over an hour for the men to rope, pull in and finally secure the ship to the docks. The waves rocked and rolled, but the men handled it well. Once things settled down, Avik turned to the plank lowered for departure.

“Well, shall we head out and discover what we’re missing? I’m not sure about you, but I’m not a fan of being left in the dark.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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