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Shortly after the happenings in the shuttlebay with the subsequent transport of the injured pilot to sickbay, a transmission was detected coming from the direction of the inhabited planet. It wasn’t pinpointed to anyone in particular but was a wide range broadcast just in a direction. The computer was able to translate the message as a call for a status update from the missing warp craft.

GM Dread

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-Janice B.

IC: Avik back tracked from the shuttle bay to the bridge, her figure entering the room through the hiss of the doors. Everything appeared normal in her absence. She resumed command as the senior on deck then walked to her seat. The Vulcan briefly checked on the updated information.

Someone from the consoles spoke.

“XO, incoming transmission.”

“What type of transmission and where does it originate from?” Her eyes looked to the officers present for answers.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn couldn’t answer, her console was set up for tactical rather than communications. However, she did keep an eye on sensors for the potential incoming craft that may be looking for the vessel. Better safe than sorry should anything appear.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

The craft was more than an AU away and was unable to warp but its primitive sensors and communication broadcast were still looking for their missing ship.

GM Dread

The NE paused then checked her data. After a few moments, she turned to answer the XO’s question.

“A radio type transmission coming from the planet.”

Sienna stepped onto the bridge. Since the Captain was down, a fact she really only just learned, she thought perhaps she could assist Avik on the Bridge. She had no idea what was going on, but she was a fast learner and would figure it out.

Avik absorbed the information as her curiosity sparked. “All right, bring it up for us to hear.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

The audio was initially static before the computer could translate snippets of words. The radiation from the two stars was interfering heavily with the quality of the signal. “Szrk… ssk… Inter… skr… coord… srkrsz… vesse… trkrs…locat…” The signal seemed to be repeating but it was impossible to further clean it up.

GM Dread

She sat down at a free station and listened to the transmission being broadcast. “It sounds like its repeating, perhaps we can listen and fully piece it together?”

Nox, CNS

From Aviks’ peripheral vision, she caught sight of the Counselor. Her head turned and briefly watched Nox take her seat. It was clear someone had informed her about the CO’s condition. As the transmission broke up thanks to the radiation, it reminded her of their next action.

“Helms, take us out of the radiation field.” She turned to the Counselor.

“One theory is they are trying to locate the pilot and the ship. It would be something we would do if things went wrong.” Avik pitched the thought to Nox, hoping she would share her thoughts.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Sienna nodded, having received Avik’s thought. I suppose we should assist. Hopefully moving the ship will give us more information.

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Marsh could have the computer stitch the repeats together. It was unlikely the interference would block the same parts of the repeated message over and over.


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With the order to move out of the radiation zone given the Ensign at helm laid in a course and got the ship moving, needing to piece together the repeating message became a moot point, as the Europa had a much cleaner signal after being under full impulse for a time.

The now cleaned up message came through: “Pilot E5463, radiation is likely interfering with the transponder coordinates and we’re unable to track the vessel’s location. Communicate on band theta to coordinates epsilon 115 delta 212 to apprise of situation.”

GM Dread

Avik listened to the message. Once out of the radiation field, the gaps became filled in and it was obvious to the purpose. They were searching for the lost pilot. A brief look passed from her to Nox then Marsh, she hoped they would give their opinion. For now, she needed information over the pilot before they even considered contacting his home world.

She pressed her comm to contact Sick Bay. =^=Avik to Sick Bay, update on the pilot’s condition.=^=

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“I think we should make sure we are helping before we contact the ship to hand over the Pilot. Make sure he isn’t on the run or something that will complicate his rescue.” Giving the opinion to Avik she knew the XO wished to have.

Nox, CNS

Avik paused to digest the thought. A lot of what had happened didn’t fully support the pilot being on the run. First off, authorities on many planets had similar approaches to apprehending a fugitive. She doubted they would broadcast their search and instead request a surrender then move on to aggressive measures.

“Fair assumption, but we need the pilot to be conscious in order to know that. I will point out if you are looking for someone who is on the run, it is not a good idea to broadcast you are looking for them.”

She took a breath.

“We have a limited window before they assume the pilot is gone so I hope Sick Bay replies back quickly.” Avik made a loud, clear observation as she measured the time in her head.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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